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16 year old Tanya Ravidas’s smartly produced single “Saturn” transforms simple chords into a dream like celebration of imaginations.

Tanya Ravidas blossomed into an artist, into an advanced abstractionists, sinking more into the oceans of creation. A believer in transcendental imagination the 16 year old has released her single “Saturn”, that represents her widening music knowledge.
Particularly still in her early years, Tanya is trying to force people to think differently with a different perspective, to orient oneself in new ways.

“Saturn” is a very meticulously composed piece. The song revolves around two characters she created, BE-O and BE-A, who together come to save the planet Earth, although with a failed effort.
While the idea of saving Earth being the only thread that tied them together, failing to do so only drifted them apart from each other in the fabric of time and space never to reunite again. Her music operates on a stupefied level, that opts the listener for an immersive feeling. Her music prioritizes interiority and resembles a hypnotic story telling like nature. This description largely holds for her lyrics and production that she’s used in her song.

“Saturn” crosses the depth, imagination and solidity of a Van Gogh painting with the minimalistic details in the shape of a same chord sequence that’s used throughout the song symbolising monotony. It’s only in the second verse where the major chord is replaced by a minor chord, that shows the dismantling of dreams.
“Saturn” starts with a rumbling drone like sound that quickly establishes the colour of the song, dream-like. With a suggestion of rhythm guitars buried in the background, simple straight forward drum beats, punchy 808s, stretching out a single tone, glistening guitar tones that come and go at intervals, with Tanya’s voice emerging up top that feels almost architectural. “Saturn” is a piece that is in the shape of a crescendo in search of a climax that never sees the light of day. Overall an interconnected complete track.

“This song was actually homework for songwriting classes with Bindu maam, my mentor. We were to take a chord sequence and build a song around it Thats when I first came across the 7th chord. It totally blew me away. It sounded cool and spacey, if thats a word. I got on my ukulele and just started exploring space words and melody soon escaped effortlessly”, she says. She goes on to add, “For every song I write I create a situation with original characters. In this case BE-O and BE-A. They are two characters who see the worsening condition of our decaying planet. This brings them together and laces them into a strong thread called love. They use all their tricks up their sleeve and pour in all their blood sweat and tears to just warn the inhabitants. The people of Earth do not listen to them and they are rejected from the people. They take refuge on saturn- giving it its name”

She began writing “Saturn” when she was 14. She recorded the song with the help of Varun Murali, guitarist of an Indian band “Swaratma”. They recorded the song in the guitarist’ studio “The Red Music Box”. It took Tanya about two sessions, totally four hours to complete her vocals. They completed the recording in the month of May and now that it’s released one can see that their efforts have been fruitful.

With a very short writing style in sentences and interleaving visual imageries Tanya has found her very own way of making her songs stand out. She plans to make more songs or an EP with an absolute storyline. A plot that has an intrinsic character and heavy topics to deal with. Part of the beauty of her songs is her imagination and willingness to try something different that offers something exciting and refreshing.

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