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7 Indie Bands from India that deserve a spot on your playlist

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Indie Rock punched through the music scene as early as the 70s, always outside the mainstream, with a DIY attitude, low-budget, and never too afraid of any challenges. A genre can be defined as a bit of everything.

We have made a list of some of the indie bands that are trending, and which define the modern indie scene in India. We’ve charted a few of those who stand out depending on their music style.

1.  The F16s.

An alternative band hailing from Chennai. Their music could be defined something as modern pop with a touch of rock n roll. Mostly their songs are lyrically driven but if you’re a sucker for synths, accompanied by smooth guitar licks, then you should surely give them a listen.

Start with: Easy Bake Easy Wake.

2.  Unohu 

Mumbai alt-rockers Unohu started out with brothers Sarthak Karkare (vocals and guitars) and Shashwat Karkare (Drums) then later roped in Yohann Coutinho (Bass) to have a very fresh, alternative sound which is always followed by a storyline. Their music sometimes would remind you of bands such as Foals, Incubus, and more. And there’s always something interesting about brothers starting a band, right?

Start with: Upside Down.

3.  Easy Wanderlings

Pune’s finest Easy Wanderlings are an Indie pop band formed back in 2015. The group is recognized for having a very ambient, playful, and melodic sound, with a hint of pop and folk music. The group has very story-centric songwriting. Overall a very refreshing sound packed with musical maturity.

Start with: Enjoy It While It Lasts.

4.  Nemophilis.

A high-wire rock act from Pune. Heavy guitars, pounding drums, old-school stuff, if these things get you on, well then Nemophilis should be given a listen. There’s a huge amount of music to discover across the band’s diverse musical catalog. The band carved their mark with a great cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in 2020.

Start with: Born To Lose.

5.  Purple Patch.

Purple Patch is a pop rock band from Pune. Groovy bass lines, raging guitars, catchy pop songs, and energetic melodies, if these things get you on, then you should surely listen to Purple Patch. The band has a very guitar-centric sound. They induce modern pop with old-school rock n roll that’s what gives them their sound.

Start with: Stranger In My Bed.

6.  Sunflower Tape Machine

An experimental solo project of full-time indie/psychedelic rock and showcase musician, Aryaman Singh. Synth waves, guitars, dreamy sounds, and syncopated drums are the elements that make up the music. Do you love Tame Impala?..you then surely would love Sunflower Tape Machine.

Start with: Sophomore Sweetheart.

7.  Gin City.

The Mumbai-based rock outfit is heavy, and electrifying, bringing back the 90s American rock sound. With catchy melodies, cool guitar solos, heavy bass, and thumping drums they surely know how to rock on.

Start with: Ambush.

These are a few of the bands you could check out and probably find even a lot more as you go along. The indie scene in India has grown over the past few years, so give them a listen and enjoy.

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