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Adicció, Strafe X and Asmita, together have dropped a dynamite, an avant-garde cinematic-pop single “Faith”.

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Perhaps we’ve lost track of the songs coming out daily but there are a few that at an instant catch our eyes. Whether it’s for the music, the singing or the lyrics, every once in a while you come across such powerful songs that you can’t just let go off, right? Adicció might have just given us that powerful anthem. Adicció, Strafe X and Asmita, have dropped a dynamite. 

“Faith” is a song filled with gunpowder of emotions, power and an ensemble of properly arranged instruments, everything that are ingredients for a tasty single. The song itself starts strong with a powerful blend of cinematic instruments all meshed as one. There are these distorted 808s, gated synths, glossy and electric guitars riffs that elevate the song with richness. Shattering glass sounds before you dive into the chorus, gives you the feeling of a free fall. The vocals of Asmita are top notch, glistening filled with glory and doing justice to the music and same could be said about Strafe X who played his part smoothly.Together both Asmita and Strafe X have covered a lot of ground, leaving a glossy texture, creating an atmosphere of excitement, dazzling with their shimmering vocals, raising the bar high making the song conceptually rich. “Faith” has the fingerprints of a classy and smoothly produced track. All roads leading to an absolute ear worm. Adicció has stepped up his game, transcending into a higher power. He’s unleashed the best of him, perfecting his skills in a way setting his small empire. 

“Faith” grabs stray eyeballs, with the excitement of wanting more. An avant-garde cinematic-pop experience seemingly recorded with piquancy. “FAITH” tells the story of a couple’s journey through challenges. Irrespective of everything they want to stay together. Talking about the meaning behind their lyrics Adicció adds, “ The lyrics convey feelings of regret and longing as the guy expresses remorse for past mistakes, while the girl struggles to regain trust but ultimately wants him back.”

“Faith” was released by San Diego, California-based record label, Electric State.

The song is a vindication of Adicció’s, Asmita and Strafe X vision and action. “Faith” nevertheless contains signs of restless creativity and glam.

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