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Amit provides heart-clinching moments alongside his guitars with his new album “Other Side Of Peace”

Amit Vyas makes music that doubles the act of emotions, drawing listeners into a trance with a Pink Floyd like energy carving out an imagery beyond words. Maluscomas is the brainchild of Amit Vyas, who’s an indie singer-songwriter, guitarist from Pune. Amit has a very psychedelic style compounded with DIY ethos. He focuses on strong lyrical guitars which revolves around lyrics that are more like storytelling. 

Amit has released his debut album “Other Side Of Peace” which moves around conceptions of psychedelic experiences, through his instrumentations and lyrics. The lighting ballad “Why” loops in keys with an acoustic guitar playing back, an a psychedelic guitar lick that sweetly weighs pros about the production. Amit zeroes in a way to get his emotions out as he plays his guitar. The track features Greg Emond, who is on vocals expanding the dimensions. “Chaos” is an interesting track powerful, energetic although it’s an instrumental it surely says a lot with the guitars.

Amit has augmented his sound for bigger stages, compounding them with heavy classic guitar riffs, with powerful drums and psychedelic atmospheric instrumentation. “Sacrifice” is another track from the album that revolves around guitars speaking out loud. The slow-burning track “Farewell” pulls itself into an 70s psychedelic soft ballad with Greg’s voice taking front stage.

The album fades out with three tracks “Blue Skies”, “The Calm After” & “Rebuild” all of these guitar oriented tracks that are loaded with self reflection.

Amit provides heart-clinching moments alongside his guitars, expanding and flourishing in every possible musical way. He’s stuck to what he is good kept things true without loosening his bite.

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