Arpit Mehta’s “Tham Ja Zara” has a late-night honesty that feels unmixed & unalloyed, a conversation piece that features Ana Rehman & Divyesh Mungra

Finding the right words to say what you want can sometimes be the hardest thing one could imagine, it gets harder to just choke them out especially when it’s about love. Arpit Mehta, a singer-songwriter, falls into this position. With collection of thoughts & memories interleaving into melodies that he creates, is his way of expressing emotions. Having a perception of keeping things simple, notably shows through his music. Mehta’s sound is developing and on an upward graph.

“Tham Ja Zara” , his latest record, is an acoustic paradise. Having an acoustic-forward approach Mehta knits his melodies and vocal turns as a beautifully crafted musical blanket. The song features Ana Rehman & Divyesh Mungra. Acoustic guitar plucks, arpeggiated piano fills, that’s layered underneath Ana’s sweet and gentle vocals. Soft thumping drum beats that sit beautifully within the arrangement like a pillow. The twined piano, electric guitar fills & rich harmonies elevate the sentiments up another level. It’s a song that speaks about unspoken love. 

Mehta fosters a love story that’s in its infancy, a conversation piece between two lovers like a romantic tug of war. His style speaks a childlike innocence forming gentle currents of love. Mehta describes the song as, “It’s a song that expresses the situation of a girl who is starting to realize her feelings for a guy. She finds this as a beautiful and memorable moment. In the later part of the song, the guy reciprocates those feelings and it ends on a happy note with both of them cherishing their feelings and that moment”. 

Mehta’s naturalistic approach towards writing and composing something simple is one of his strengths. The monotone guitar strums swelling the emotional walls and elevating the song above. A quick rush of color that comes in as soon as the song grows. His compositions create clarity & closure. The words reaching the assigned destination.

“Tham Ja Zara” has a late-night honesty that feels unmixed & unalloyed. Mehta drowns himself with his thoughts as the songs explore his untouched mind, garnering all the right words for him to write. His sound is developed, simple and has a deliberate artlessness making him stand out.

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