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Being a Potterhead, Sambhav’s song “Parseltongue” takes a dig at fake friends who use friendship as a tool to gain your trust and backstab when you need’em the most. Listen Now

Tell us about your track

“Jinke saath baithu roll karu shankar, wahi toh maarey mujhe peechey se khanjar” (Brothers I smoked up with were the only ones who’d back stab me and pull me down) As a child I had grown up into the Harry Potter cult and with journeying up the transition from a teenager to an adult I’ve learned that what people mostly my age or somewhat less, reckon as friends are mere acquaintances who at the end of the day would suck all the advantage off you and reek with enough audacity to backstab you. Parsletongue in the Harry Potter fandom is a fictional name given to the mode of communication between snakes and wizards. This is a skill which is rare. Cover art: What I think I am sitting on is gonna support me is only a reflection of what is over my head that I am gonna fall into

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

The Delhi hip hop scene

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

2 months

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

Lyrics say that people consider me to be a parsletongue since I am surrounded by friends who’d rather be called snakes. Parsletongue is someone who can talk with snakes

What brings next after this release?

There are already other three singles that I’ve released out there.

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