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Benry Moses turns to a concept of letting go the pressures and obligations in life, with his new pop, dreamy single “Breathe”

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Benry Moses brings an inquisitive, modern, sharp touch with his new single “Breathe”. An immensely ambitious artist that ushers in with his lush and rich music. Benry’s music highlights a very dreamy modern pop sound but at times turns towards meaningful pop themes with heightened assurance and impressive instrumentation. His music emanates a cool cheerfulness that adjuncts his sweet production.

“Breathe” embraces the idea of freedom, a way of letting yourself fly, leaving the pressures and obligations in life behind. Throughout the strong arrangement, “Breathe” starts with a smooth guitar lick, accompanied by a cool sounding drum loop, with keys buried underneath & subtle strings, a soothing way to begin with. Benry goes on to add his reverb-y dreamlike vocals as the music fades in a bit towards the verses and gradually fills out as it nears the choruses. His lyrics grapple with the crisis that people face where most of them are confused about what they want in life. Everything cascades into a slick guitar solo compounding the song as a cherry on a cake. He weaves everything together in a very playful production briefly explaining his heart out.

There’s a narrative that Benry tries to speak through his songs. He says, “This song is about breaking free from all these (obligations) and finding your real passion and calling, and following that path. I feel there’s more purpose and joy in doing so”.
He envisions throwing himself as an helping hand for people by his songs and music.

“Breathe” transports the listener in a realm of fantasy and dreams, floating towards freedom. With a motif of finding your true calling, being ok with who you are and being grateful for everything. All in all “Breathe” is extravagant, hopeful, optimistic fabrication of music, which immerses his listeners in an illustrious picture of a journey towards freedom.

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