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California-based Music Director Janapriyan Levine introduces an adorable love song ‘Haare Haare’

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California-based Music Director Janapriyan Levine teams up with veteran MTV director Mark Kohr and a Mumbai-based singer to bring you an unforgettable love story. Filmed in Mumbai and California, ‘Haare Haare’ is a rom-com music video directed by MTV veteran Mark Kohr, who showcases the feelings and exquisitely weaves a love story of a young woman’s inner transformation brought on by her crush. Featuring Mumbai’s Neha Karode as the singer and lyricist of this cute Hindi pop song which delivers all the feels.
Ashley Thopiah stars as the protagonist, caught in a game of tug of war. As she tries to get a hold of the rope, her antics cause chaos for the unsuspecting music producer who plays several comedic roles in this relatable tale.

“I grew up on MTV in the 90s. My childhood was shaped by the music videos that Mark had directed. (Green Day, Gwen Stafani, Primus) To have him direct my own music video was a full-circle moment for me. My fans are all over the world, I wanted to give everyone a reason to fall in love, this was the song that could do it.”

Janapriyan Levine is an American producer based in California. He releases new music every month featuring different singers on his youtube channel. His recent releases are the Punjabi song ‘Jugni’ ft. Ishmeet Narula, Hindi song ‘Dil Mera’ with Internationally viral song Jalebi Baby Singer Shweta Subram, he previously released a Punjabi song ‘Mai Teri Tu Mera’ with Gurgulshan Singh, a Hindi-Pop song ‘Tera Hua’ with Vikalp Sharma and Punjabi folk song ‘Bajre Da Sitta’ with Meenal Jain. His melodies are so unique that each release is almost a genre in itself. He recorded his first solo album in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2001, since then he’s been producing original music with south India’s Varijashree Venugopal, The Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan, Veena maestro Rajesh Vaidya, playback singer Suvarna Tiwari, and many more. Collaborating with some of India’s well-known singers, he releases a series of music videos on his youtube channel that feature a different vocalist with each song.A true pioneer in the hybrid space where musical cultures collide, Janapriyan has created a brand that stands out among the usual sounds.

Known for helping to create the Facebook Sound Collection, a warehouse of original music which serves the users of Facebook and Instagram, Janapriyan Levine is a rare musical phenomenon. With his unique sound, he has produced a significant catalogue of songs that feature Grammy award-winning artists and many of India’s favourite vocalists.

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