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CosTheta’s track “DDPK” is a headbanger that will leave you grooving non stop for hours with its electronic mix and raspy vocals. Listen Now

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Tell us about your track

It is the first single of my upcoming EP. It is essentially a rap rock song, with a lot of electronica elements in the background that’s reminiscent of early Linkin Park. Lyrically the song, along with the other songs of the EP, talks about the mental health issues that I experienced during my time at IIM Bangalore. Even though it’s written from a personal perspective, it is a universal feeling that a lot of people across the world go through and don’t get to talk about often. This one’s for those muffled voices, to make them feel that they are not alone and that it’ll be alright someday.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

Lyrically, I drew inspiration from the different incidents that keep happening in my life as well as my state of mind and mood swings. Musically, it is largely inspired by the likes of Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon, Lil Peep and XXXTENTACION.

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

The song was written in different segments. While the music was produced in a single night, the lyrics took a couple of days to write. The recording happened in one night.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

The song talks about how people sometimes get hit by a sudden wave of sadness for no reason whatsoever and are unable to explain why they feel depressed. When you try to explain this, other people don’t get it since they aren’t really much aware about how depression actually works. It also talks about how eventually people resort to different coping mechanisms to deal with it on their own. For some people, it may be drugs; for some it’s alcohol; while for some it can be creating art.

What brings next after this release?

My 4 track EP, titled DDPK: The Woes of My B-School Days is scheduled to be out in July.

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