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Delhi based electronic producer Trix dives into a new pop song where he collaborates with British duo The Lost Clowns

The Delhi born electronic music producer Trix aka Sanjog Bhushan comes with a sharp, fresh, new pop track “On My Way” that features British vocal duo The Lost Clowns. After releasing music with singles such as “Sundown” , “Better Days” and “Keep Up” in 2021, “On My Way” is his first release of 2022. Defining psych-pop melodies and synths are his obvious influences.Trix deftly makes each song his own, giving it a new look. Occasionally adding surprising elements making the song stand out which is backed by clear-sense lyrical understanding.

“On My Way” is a booming drum track, with shimmering guitars, blasting soulful vocals, a melodic and uptempo track. A very pop song with synths adding colour giving it a larger to life meaning. “It’s a simple reminder that life is short, that life is a story and make it your bestseller”, Trix adds. He then goes on to say “Everyone goes through hard times, but in those times your always on your way back to being wiser, stronger and better version of yourself”.

“On My Way” juxtaposes Trix’ uplifting side of life which was relatively a quick composition compared to his previous releases. The Lost Clowns collaborated with Trix and encouraged the producer to come up with something uplifting and elevating.

“On My Way” is a song that’s hard to resist the obvious work put in by Trix. A song that’s somewhat of a controlled sangfroid. He plans to release more music this year, he adds “I want to give the fans a lot more than I have in the past years. Hopefully they still enjoy what I make and continue to support me, since that has been my motivation to fight through the difficult times”.

Although he has been born in Delhi Trix spends most of his time in Shimla as it gives him peace and happiness. His influences come from artist such as Kygo, Prateek Kuhad where one day he aspires to collaborate with them. His primary genre being tropical house but recently Trix has been exploring his tastes in pop music quintessentially Hollywood pop music. He says, “I want to be one of the biggest electronic musician in India”, to back this up he’s been called “the prodigy of Indian electronic scene” by India Today and Deccan Herald. But on the whole, Trix’ maturity as a producer has made him more charming, his songs more catchy- sweet, and his love for music makes his journey even more to look out for.

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