Dive into Nostalgia with Arjuna Harjai’s New Emotive Pop Single ‘Zikar Hai’

Hey music lovers! Grab your headphones and get ready to be transported to a world where nostalgia meets modern beats. The ever-talented Arjuna Harjai is back with a brand-new single that’s bound to get stuck in your head — ‘Zikar Hai’. And guess what? He’s teamed up with the sensational Pakistani artist Natasha Noorani to bring this cross-border masterpiece to life!

Arjuna, known for his Bollywood hits like ‘O Soniye’ and ‘Choti Choti Gal’, and those viral Instagram jams from his One Minute Composer series, has cooked up something truly special. ‘Zikar Hai’ is a Punjabi composition that blends the nostalgic vibes of synthwave (think old-school video games) with the energetic log drums of amapiano (African dance music at its finest). This combo creates a track that’s all about love, longing, and that sweet, sweet anticipation of seeing someone special.

The story behind ‘Zikar Hai’ is as charming as the song itself. It all started with three random words given to Arjuna by his wife, a fun part of their Instagram series. From there, Arjuna dove deep into the feelings of new love — the excitement, the yearning, and the thrill of anticipation. Lyricist Geet Sagar penned the heartfelt words that bring these emotions to life.

Enter Natasha Noorani

The idea to collaborate with Natasha Noorani came from Arjuna’s A&R at Orchard, Srishti Das. Initially, Natasha was surprised by the offer, worried about the key matching her voice. But Arjuna knew exactly what he was doing. Natasha’s unique tone adds depth and emotion to the track, creating a blend that’s truly magical.

“I enjoy things that are challenging stylistically for me, and ‘Zikar Hai’ was definitely outside of my usual experimental Urdu pop vibe,” says Natasha. Recorded across two continents, with Arjuna in the UK and Natasha in Lahore, this collaboration shows the power of music to bridge any distance.

A Nod to Childhood Memories

For Arjuna, ‘Zikar Hai’ is more than just a song. It’s a tribute to his childhood memories, especially those filled with hours of playing video games like Bare Knuckle, with soundtracks composed by the legendary Yuzo Koshiro. This influence is subtly woven into the track, adding a layer of nostalgia that’s hard to miss.

“This release holds a special place in my heart,” Arjuna shares. “It’s my personal favorite among all my works due to its rich melodic depth and distinctive production. It’s a culmination of years of experience and growth as a musician and producer.”

Rollout by the Experts

Leading the charge for the release of ‘Zikar Hai’ is Rohin Bachwani, bringing his global music business and marketing expertise to ensure this track reaches every corner of the world. Distributed by The Orchard and supported by Robach Music Group, ‘Zikar Hai’ is set to usher in a new era for Indian pop music.

So, whether you’re a fan of synthwave, amapiano, or just good old-fashioned pop, ‘Zikar Hai’ has something for everyone. Don’t forget to check it out on all streaming platforms from June 21, and join Arjuna and Natasha on this beautiful musical journey.

Let the music play and the nostalgia flow!

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