“Exploring the Fusion of Hindustani and Electronic Music: Sahana Naresh and Nirmit Shah’s ‘Vaari Vaari'”

Sahana Naresh and Nirmit Shah have recently collaborated on a fusion track that blends electronic and Hindustani music. The song titled “Vaari Vaari” is an ode to undying love that incorporates a traditional classical composition in Raag Yaman.

Sahana, a singer-songwriter and Hindustani vocalist from Chennai, has grown up listening to a diverse array of music genres. Her parents’ love for Carnatic music intertwined with 70’s rock and roll influences like The Beatles has had a profound impact on her musical journey. Sahana’s daughter Tara inspires her to sing and make music, and her debut single “Milky Hands” was inspired by her.

Nirmit Shah, a multi-genre producer and composer based out of Mumbai, has roots in Bollywood and Hindustani music. He interweaves electronic sounds, EDM grooves, jazz harmonies, and RnB sensibilities with modern pop and Hindustani songwriting. Nirmit’s music is versatile, eclectic, and distinctly modern.

The collaboration between Sahana and Nirmit on “Vaari Vaari” resulted in an edgy and unique fusion track. The duo experimented with different chord progressions and instrumentation, infusing the classical composition with jazz/soul inspired harmonies on the piano and modern electronic effects. The track features Sahana’s vocals with traditional elements like gamaks and taans, as well as a looping sargam hook created from sampled vocals with vocal modulation and spatial effects.

“Vaari Vaari” is a great example of the fusion of traditional and modern music. The track pays homage to Hindustani classical music while also incorporating electronic and modern elements. Sahana and Nirmit’s collaboration on this track highlights their versatility and creativity as musicians.

Sahana and Nirmit’s journey as musicians is one of dedication and passion. Sahana quit her corporate job to pursue a career in music, and Nirmit has always been committed to exploring and experimenting with different genres and sounds. Together, they have created a unique and inspiring track that showcases their talent and musical vision.

“Vaari Vaari” is a beautiful and powerful fusion track that combines traditional Hindustani music with modern electronic and jazz/soul-inspired elements. Sahana and Nirmit’s collaboration on this track highlights their creativity, versatility, and dedication as musicians, and it is a testament to the power of music to inspire and connect people from different backgrounds and cultures.

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