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Ganesh Kamath’s “Let me Know” is a powerhouse energetic EDM song with a pop feel. Listen Now

Tell us about your track

The future bass track, Let Me Know is an EDM approach to Pop Culture and music, through this track we relived our role models like Martin Garrix and Illenium’s apporoach to creatively producing music. Basically there are two ways when it comes to us approaching our track, which is being inspired by the vocals & building a song around it or making the song’s structure first and then we look for the suitable.The genre future bass depends on the build and drop, our latest track Let Me Know, justified the the true nature of the genre.The vocals is a perfect add on to the empowering and upbeat nature of our track and it brings the energy of the beats and melody into life with its vocal chops and the catchy lyrical approach.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

Future bass is really just an extension of more pop music: layered music with fairly simple chord progressions and lots of FX, whooshes, and tons of vocal chops, but you wont really find a hard-line Future Bass purist, just like my inspiration to choosing this genre with Martin Garrix successful attempt in breaking it into the pop industry, with his immersive Big Room skills, which gave every EDM artist an opportunity to be open minded to the music we create , as we impact the future of our music.

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

It took us about 1 week, within the first few days we sorted out the whole track , wherein my featuring artist had come up with the idea of the melody and later found the perfect vocals , by the end of the week we took our time and referred to mastering done by famous EDM artists and finalized on our track.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

We were looking for vocals with the lyrical message that would make the listener feel empowered and motivated to keep our track on repeat, it was a perfect add on to the feeling to our melody.

What brings next after this release?

We have many more tracks lined up, my past few releases and upcoming release is going to be a future bass track. But we are looking forward to exploring new upcoming genres that have a new and unique sound.

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