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GWAR vs Jerry Springer and an indignant father or mother is absolute Nineties TV gold

Jerry Springer bestrode the Nineties like a blow-dried colossus. His eponymous TV present was must-see viewing for anybody excited by car-crash viewing. Grownup infants, intra-family affairs, individuals who actually married horses – no topic was off-limits, and if it resulted in a mass brawl involving visitors and viewers members then all the higher.

In 1997, Springer turned his consideration to a topic that was eternally in style with the perpetually pearl-clutching sections of the mainstream media: shock rock. The road-up of visitors included El Duce, hangman-hooded frontman with uber-controversial underground punk provocateurs The Mentors, and a lady named Dominique whose billing as “El Duce groupie” belied her good view and reasoned view of the topic.

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