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Heartening & gratifying body music that touches your inner spiritual self Radha’s latest “One Way Street” leaves a lasting impression.

Heartening & gratifying body music that touches your inner spiritual self is a singular driving force. The allure of romance and the smell of raindrops kissing the soil, shifts into you smoothly, warming the consciousness. There’s a strong gravitational pull of love and music that cannot go unnoticed. A commanding force guiding her creativity into the right direction. Radha’s relaxed & calming demeanor mirrors her music.

“One Way Street”, her latest record, is an ode to memories made and the rush of emotions that come along with newly found love. A calm surrounding music that starts with sweet acoustic guitar plucks that feels like bed of roses, where Radha’s satiny, sleek, gleaming vocals fall on, twisting and turning with honeyed melodies. The vocal harmonies interleaving and dancing slowly throughout the songs, a sweetmeat for your musical palette. The aura that Radha carries in her vocals is charmingly calm having a magnetic pull. The bass line feels like it’s walking in league with the whole arrangement, making everything whole and complete, brisk guitars walking side by side along Radha’s vocals. As the song glides in ahead there’s a dance between a piano & an electric guitar grooving together. 

Listening to “One Way Street” leaves one breathless at the expense of Radha’s voice, offering a peek into her picturesque imaginations. Talking about the song Radha said, “The idea for ‘One Way Street’ came to me on a monsoon day, inspired by the thrill of first meeting someone. The world shifts around you, the memories made, and the joy of being consumed by them. The jitters, the excitement, and the rush of emotions that come with new love”. The record plays like a walk in the park and rain pouring down. She adds, “Love can be beautiful and painful, and for me this song captures both sides of that journey. This song always makes me feel a roller coaster of emotions which is why I can’t wait to share it with all of you, I hope you like it and maybe even find a little bit of yourself in the words”.

Radha’s delicate voice and intricate vocal harmonies are the main highlights in an already glossy musical ensemble. “One Way Street” is a soul-bearing, heart warming, figurative composition that explores the pathways of Radha’s love maze. She delivers a peaceful vocal performance, a self-reflection of emotions along with the music. “One Way Better” is graceful and whole, an earworm that leaves a lasting impression.

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