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How real life experiences influences Pushpakey’s lyrics writing real

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Today we are featuring ‘Pushpakey’ coming with his latest releases Missing your Lips(Hindi) and Far away (English). Song ‘missing your lips’ depends on his true feelings of love . Of the feelings when someone special comes into your life and you want them to stay as that’s what makes the life worth living for. They become the sole reason for your happiness and sadness and when they leave you can’t help but miss them really badly.

His song ‘Far Away’ in english this song is special to him as he mentions -‘’I have written this song with my life experience and adventures.’’ The song portrays the emotions of falling in love with someone you can’t be with , be it because of the tough situations in life that don’t allow it or just say it was the wrong timing. It’s these hard decisions he had to deal with where his mind knows that the relationship can’t last long and there is nothing in the future.

To describe ‘Name’ he is a fun living person who always focuses on enjoying his life. Singing is a major part of his life that he loves doing. All the lyrics of his songs are written by him. Apart from singing he has a decent experience in the stock market and has played Cricket professionally. He feels glad and humbled to meet Singer-Songwriter Atul Gupta who has given music to all of his songs. He says – ‘’It’s because of him I can sing better now.’’

When asked if he had any advice to give the audience , he requests them to enjoy their life as life is very short so make sure to enjoy every moment of life and do what your heart says be it Dancing, singing etc. Just live your life to the fullest. He has friends in Thailand and Dubai who love to listen to his music and whatever songs he makes are all just to have some fun, he doesn’t see other artists as his competition as he understands it’s definitely a very difficult task to be an Independent artist.

He mentions that all the lyrics that he writes have happened to him in his life. It’s the combination of all the encounters he has had with these people that influence and inspire him to write lyrics. He also likes to compose his own songs where Atul adds the music to it.

Lastly he says life has always had ups and downs but that did not stop him from enjoying his life and that’s what he plans to do in future as well.

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