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How to become a full-time music producer in 2022

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So out of a million choices out there, you picked to be a music producer, Sounds cool right, A fancy job where you get to make crazy music, party all night, and enjoy. That’s what they sell you for, Music Production requires you to spend countless nights on your DAW, making stuff happen, Being able to see the vision of your track, Listening to the same song a million times, and dealing with self-doubt. So ask yourself, WHY? Am I just in for the fluke or do I REALLY ENJOY making music?

A.R Rahman in studio


While guys out there will keep screaming, Gear doesn’t matter, guess what it does, A job that takes 4 hours on a slow PC takes only minutes where proper gear is involved, It’s the ease. Don’t go blindly buying products you don’t NEED after reading this. Make valuable choices and viable sacrifices just so your production journey doesn’t start with a loan on your head. Be SMART

Himonshu Parikh


Make sure you test the waters before you take the dive into the unknown pool of producers out there, Compare your skills with the ones you are in direct competition with. Ask yourself can you make a commercial Track that SELLS as to what soothes and gives you peace of mind.



When shampoo companies advertise, their product makes the user’s hair stronger and reenables hair growth, They simply play with the fear of users who are losing hair, and are desperate. To put it simply, They sell shampoos to people who don’t have hair. Guess what, that’s what you have to do. Make this as your strongest aspect, when labels approach you, or when you have to fulfill a client’s demands. Don’t have a song to pitch, Attack their fears.

Salim Merchant

Technical Stuff

Know your scales, Be good at one instrument at least, and also not be so bound by it that it starts limiting you. Learn how to troubleshoot your PC, learn various cables, and their uses and VERY IMPORTANT make sure to SAVE YOUR PROJECT every 1 min before the DAW crashes.


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