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How to market music in 2022

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When learning a new skill you always start with the basics, be it in music, social skills, a new language anything that you chose, we got to start with the basics because the basics are the building blocks of nailing that specific skill.
For musicians who are starting or even sometimes for the ones who are professional, it’s pretty hard learning, and trying to evolve along with the ever-changing music industry. Especially as some of those artists who understand only the creative side of being a musician. Such artists are the ones who do not have the knowledge of the business end of the music industry. And for that reason, music marketing comes into play, which is something like learning a new skill in itself, and for that, we got to know some basics to start off with.

1.  Website.
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In this modern digital age to have a controlled space where you can decide what goes in and what doesn’t is something of a bonus and that’s where your website comes into play. Your website will be your own space, your own one-stop-shop for everything that you do as a musician. If anyone wants to check out your music, pictures, tour dates, merch, etc your website should be the one place where you would find all of these. Off-course you should try building a following over social media, but that’s not your own space it’s a platform owned by someone else, which has a lot of frequent algorithmic changes which reduce your reach depending on the changes. But your website is something you own, it’s your house. So if you don’t have a website yet, I suggest you get one.

2.  Determine your Fanbase.
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To market your music in the right way you got to know your fans. You got to know where are your fans from, how old are they, the music they listen to, and all such things that would relate to your marketing strategy. Many social media platforms provide you with such insights, so make use of that and get to know your fans. Once you start targeting the people who are interested in your music, the efforts that you put in marketing would be even more fruitful.

3.  Social Media.
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As per the latest data, An average person spends around 2 hours per day on social media. So you got to build your presence on social media. Social media should be an important and essential part of your marketing strategy. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are all these global platforms that have millions of users. So you got to tap into them and get those users on your side, you got to make use of either one if not all to build yourself as an artist and to get people to follow you. So once you’ve built an audience who loves your music, they would want to spread your music to new listeners and that’s why you need to have a good strong social media presence.

4.  Blogs and Playlists.
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As an artist, you would like your music to be heard too as much as many people as possible. That’s where blogs and playlists come into play. You can pitch your music press to bloggers, and press outlets that would get you coverage. When your music is mentioned by any of such bloggers and press outlets that would give validation of your music to your listeners which in return would be helpful in your marketing efforts. The same goes with Playlists, create a spreadsheet and try reaching out personally to those who you feel are a good fit for your music. Getting your song placed in certain playlists with a good following could boost your music. You’ve got to send a lot of emails to get one positive reply, so don’t stop if you don’t get a reply soon, keep doing it.

5.  Building a network.
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Meeting the right people, getting along with them, and making the right connections will always be a plus point when it comes to music marketing. And these connections don’t just happen, you’ve got to go out there and make some connections, make something happen. Find the right people, the ones who are in this music business and for that, you’ve got your good friend’s social media to help you track them down.
Go out to venues where music is adored, that’s where you’ll find like-minded people, people who would help you grow. Be active in your community, and meet people.

The success that you want to have as a musician always depends on the way you present yourself and your music out there in the real world, to be successful you need to have a strong media presence, that’s why marketing your music is important. Although it sounds exhausting it’s an important aspect of being an artist in this modern day and age. So try using a few of these tips to get more recognition and build your fan base.

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