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How to Pursue Music as a Career

With progress in technology, the field of music has also matured and evolved with every year. New professions have opened up in almost every field and with new professions come new opportunities. So if your someone who loves music and wants to pursue a career in music this is your time to do it and we’re here to help you decide.

There are a lot of opportunities in the field of music across the globe and you can certainly add more value to it by being a part of it. In fact there are various job opportunities for the creative and artistic minds such as musicians and artists. Music as a career is a very broad term, as in? Singer, lyricist, composer, audio engineer or someone who plays an instrument. Needless to say music is a universal media that transcends throughout all boundaries. However there are some steps you need to take care to ensure you reach the goal you’ve set.

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1.  Know what you really want to do.

It might sound easier but honestly it’s one of the hardest thing to start with. You might want to build a career in music but what exactly do you want to be doing? Most often you do have a rough knowledge but the exact nature of the idea remains murky. You got to have a strong idea of what you want your music career to look like, do you want be singer? A songwriter? A guitarist? you get the idea. You need to outline the specific goal that you are chasing, make the path clear for yourself. Have an intent to get it for the right way. The intent should always outline your future goals.

2.  An Entrepreneur Mindset.

You yourself have to hammer out a path for you to pursue a career in music. You need to be willing to take risks, because let’s be honest making a career in music is not as easy as it sounds right? But wait, not everything’s lost, that’s what being an entrepreneur means, your willing to go beyond lengths to make your dreams materialize. Vision, you need to have a vision for your dreams, be determined about it to get successful in your ambitions. Do your homework, plan accordingly and be consistent.

3.  Building a network.

No matter whatever career you chose to pursue it, you need to build a network. The same goes with the music industry, you’ve got to meet people and make your presence felt. For you to grow, forge relationships with like minded colleagues, the ones who can help you develop your career. Build a small team of close friends and contacts that could help you make the right decisions. You cannot do this by yourselves you need to get insights from different people for you to succeed.

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4.  Take advantage of the internet.

In the present day and age, you don’t need to spend a lot for your promotions. The right steps and knowledge can help you get yourself the right amount of audience you need. With the internet being a sea of opportunities to meet new people. Build a following on your socials. If you think you aren’t a tech genius it’s fine you have books that can help you learn. And if you do have a budget or spare change you can always have a team do it for you. Internet is essential for you to build a career in music.

5.  Music career as business.

Finally if you really want to succeed you’ve got to treat your music career as your own business. Because the music that you make is somewhat a product which you’ve got to sell to the audience. You’ve got to monetize your music through merch, tickets and so on. You need to know how to sell your music. That being said you don’t have to have degree in marketing, you’ve just got to build your own aura. The ability of you performing is just as important as your music for you to sell. Communicate with your audience, inspire them. The business side of music might not be your cup of tea but you still can educate yourself and make the right decisions for your music career.

Follow your heart, and don’t think about the money for a second. Think about it, if you really do what you like, you’ll learn, grow and you will always be great in what you do. You’ll never feel as if it’s a job rather you would enjoy what you do. And if you really do what you love you will be better than others and money will come. Cheers.

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