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HYBE’s Upcoming Lady Group LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam Accused Of College Bullying And Extra

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HYBE is getting ready a brand new woman group. The group, known as LE SSERAFIM, has already confirmed 4 members. Sakura and Kim Chaewon of IZ*ONE fame, Huh Yunjin from Produce 101, and Kim Garam. They unveiled Kim Garam by a collection of idea images and teasers.

Kim Garam’s idea photograph. | HYBE

Not a couple of days later, Kim Garam was shortly swept up in allegations of bullying. It began when a lot of her schoolmates started releasing her previous images. Because of the excessive quantity of pre-debut pictures being revealed, a netizen @twit_bossss started to query if there was a purpose for this.

However about LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam. As quickly as [her debut] was publicized, f*cking many movies and images from right here, there, and in all places started to be uploaded… Seeing as such, I’m wondering simply what these children which have simply barely turned 18 went by in center college [thanks to her] that they’re so determinedly wrathful.

— @twit_bossss

One other netizen shortly stepped up and claimed that they have been from Kim Garam’s center college. They accused Kim Garam of bullying.

Netizen accusing Kim Garam of college bullying. | @3tG7W2ps6JIXaIA/Twitter

Netizen accusing Kim Garam of college bullying. | @3tG7W2ps6JIXaIA/Twitter

I got here from the identical center college as Kim Garam, and I’m somebody who was form of near one of many children that went round along with her. She actually did all types of issues then. Mild bullying, similar to stopping children from passing by at any time when she filmed TikToks at school, was a given, and in case you occurred to cross by, she would use sturdy curse phrases or glare at you. She did no matter she needed, but when she didn’t like one thing, she would f*cking scold you, and he or she would discuss you behind your again or to your face along with her group whereas crossing her legs. She was a child who loved such day-to-day bullying… She entered SOPA in highschool, and he or she minimize ties with everybody from center college. To maintain issues straight, she despatched DMs on Instagram and Fb to everybody so she might defend her picture, and he or she additionally despatched messages to everybody earlier than she modified her cellphone quantity. I don’t know if she did this to confuse folks purposely, however she undoubtedly mentioned she was getting ready to change into an actress, so I don’t know why she all of the sudden modified to being in a woman group… It’s so humorous as a result of she in all probability knew that folks would expose her as a result of she did [wrong] issues.

— @3tG7W2ps6JIXaIA

A screenshot of Kim Garam’s outdated Fb account was additionally uploaded together with the accusations. The contents shocked with the captions on her selfies that learn, “What do you consider [having] intercourse [with me] immediately?

Fb screenshot of Kim Garam’s alleged outdated account. | theqoo

Her dialog along with her buddy in regards to the pictures was as follows:

  • Kim Chae On: I’ll be your intercourse accomplice.
  • Kim Garam: Aing, simply message me on Fb.

Pre-debut images of Kim Garam have been launched with accusations of her smoking as a minor.

Kim Garam allegedly smoking. | theqoo

Different pre-debut images of Kim Garam have been launched as proof of understanding her again then.

Pre-debut image of Kim Garam. | theqoo

There was even one from her elementary college days.

Pre-debut image of Kim Garam. | theqoo

College images have been additionally launched.

Pre-debut image of Kim Garam. | theqoo

A netizen on Twitter publicly requested for her acquaintances to ship in data with proof.

Dialog between a netizen and Kim Garam’s alleged schoolmate. | theqoo

  • Netizen: Why does everybody have Kim Garam’s outdated images? I hope you ship a lot of data.
  • Alleged middle-schoolmate: I got here from the identical college as her. She was well-known at school again then. Because the perpetrator who turned the children in her 12 months into outcasts.
  • Netizen: Are you able to let me find out about it in additional element?
  • Alleged middle-schoolmate: If her juniors didn’t greet her, she would message them on Fb individually and speak right down to them. Smoking and consuming are additionally a given.

Dialog between a netizen and Kim Garam’s alleged schoolmate. | theqoo

  • Netizen: Do you might have footage of her smoking or consuming?
  • Alleged middle-schoolmate: There’s in all probability many individuals who’ve them however I don’t. However she was even so well-known again then that different faculties knew of her.
  • Netizen: Is there some other happenings? Or different images?
  • Alleged middle-schoolmate: [photo]
  • Alleged middle-schoolmate: She stole cash too. She was a complete thug.

Dialog between a netizen and Kim Garam’s alleged schoolmate. | theqoo

  • Netizen: That is all the reality, proper?
  • Alleged middle-schoolmate: It’s actually the reality. I got here from the identical center college as her so I obtained talked right down to lots however I felt it was so unfair that such an individual will get to debut. You’d know from all of the pre-debut footage being uploaded on Twitter and Fb proper now. That so many individuals have her pre-debut images.

A screenshot of an alleged Fb message alternate between Kim Garam and a sufferer was additionally uploaded.

Alleged dialog between Kim Garam and a sufferer. | theqoo

  • Kim Garam: Hey. For those who reject [my calls] I’ll kill you LOL
  • Sufferer: No.
  • Kim Garam: Choose up, you f*cking bitch.
  • Sufferer: Please don’t name me. Please.
  • Kim Garam: Why aren’t you selecting up?

The matter made it to Korean media as numerous retailers similar to Trendbiz reported on the information. HYBE has but to offer an official assertion relating to the matter. LE SSERAFIM is slated for debut in 2022 with producing by Bang Shi Hyuk.

Supply: theqoo and trendbiz


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