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Inspired by Jimi Page, Farhaan Mistry’s guitar lick will leave you spellbound.

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We did an interview with the artist over a cup of coffee about this latest release, here’s what they had to say!

Tell us about your track

It’s a Live acoustic guitar instrumental that I performed recently at my university at a fest.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

It’s heavily inspired by the riffs and licks of my biggest musical influence..Jimmy Page. Even the idea of doing a guitar instrumental came to me after watching him play White Summer.

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?

It’s a live track but putting the pieces together took a total of 2 months of playing around and jamming.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

It’s an instrumental track.

What brings next after this release?

I intend on putting out more songs inspired by my idols like Zeppelin, the Stones, Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles.

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