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JUGNU, a Kolkata-based Hindi Rock band, released their debut EP “Talaash”.

JUGNU, a Kolkata-based Hindi Rock band, released their debut EP “Talaash” on the 16th of June. The EP comprises of four tracks “Unmaad”, “Kaash”, “Kahaniyaan” and “Yaad”. The band talks about the pursuit of Everything and Nothing, the way each individual hunts for everything he wants which to a certain extent varies into nothing. They have collaborated with a few local musicians who have helped with vocals, drums, and bass. That being said the involvement of different musicians has added color” to the overall musicality,  a euphony to the ears.

The band has distinguished the EP into three different stages, to wish, to search, and to learn, which are represented by three different songs respectively. 

To start the EP off, the group has a very specific cerebral style intro, very hypnotic in a way, something that expresses a state of confusion, and an analogous state of falling asleep and waking up in a dream, the meaning behind the lyrics, for “Unmaad”.

Then the group dives into a very rock-centric song, “Kaash”, the desire, the wish, it has very laid-back electric guitars, and a catchy guitar solo, which would instantly get you dreaming, and daydreaming, be it. The song offers ample evidence of the idea of imagining things about “how certain things would have been” rather than “how they actually are”, it’s accompanied by gritty vocals to get you thinking about the wishes and desires you have. KAASH takes full advantage of its nearly seven minutes, cascading into an extended instrumental session where the band conveys their emotions.

The next phase of the EP, is the search, the hunt, for self-reflection, and for that, the band has the song, “Kahaniyaan”. “It is a song that is rhetorical in character and serves as a mirror for the listeners”, the band state. The song starts with a mesmerizing acoustic guitar plucking, followed by good downbeat drums and not to mention a groovy bass line. 

The song is made even more interesting with harmonies added, which make it sound grand. Kahaniyaan is essentially a song that resembles a new start, a journey to discover new possibilities.

To conclude the EP the band has the song “YAAD”. The band plunges into a brilliantly textured sound, into a maze of guitars, and eerie vocals. “Yaad” has some pounding drums, very energetic, which cascade into a very powerful bridge section with the piano behind leading to a guitar solo section that would send the guitar-obsessed fans into a frenzy. The song serves as a narrative of the contrast between what we perceive and what it actually is. 

These 4 songs chronicle the voyage of self-reflection, and the search for dreams, and that quest has led to their debut EP, “TALAASH”, a collaborative record that feels like a balm to self-doubt.

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