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Kapow!’s latest single “Always Meant To Be” is the pill you need if you’re in a long distance relationship and feel clueless about it. Listen Now

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Tell us about your track

‘Always meant to be’ is KAPOW!’s fourth release which follows their self-titled debut album and the 2 subsequent singles released in 2020. The song is the brainchild of long time college friends Pratyaksh and KAPOW!’s vocalist Mayank and was eventually adopted by KAPOW! with the introduction of Sana Arora as the female lead. ‘Always meant to be’ tells the story of a 21st century long distance relationship trying to overcome its challenges. A powerful emotional ballad, this song brings you two brilliant featuring artists who elevate it to a whole new dimension. The song is meant to give the listeners a sense of hope in their own difficult times, in life and in love, that one day we’ll all look back and realize it was ‘Always meant to be’.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

We wanted to create something anticlimactic and supercharged with emotion which not just tackles a romantic relationship but also discusses it in a mature way. So, this song is about coming to terms with reality, growth and acceptance.

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

6 months

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

The lyrics are pretty simple and are relatable to every listener. This song is directed towards slightly older people specially ones born in 90s because it has the characteristic old school rock ballad sound.

What brings next after this release?

The second album but before that leading upto it are our three other singles which are in KAPOW! fashion very different and filled with madness and surprises. The upcoming titles are called “Scooby doo Jackie Chan”, “Kaali Billi” & “Experimenting with hoomans” these songs will just get people thinking, scratching their heads and wishing for more!

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