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KASE’s “Anthesis” is a fresh take on the newer “Lo-Fi” sounds.

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Tell us about your track

• Capturing the serene sounds of nature with a pinch of melancholy, “Anthesis” is a beautiful track representing the flowering of a plant from its initial stage. The track takes a deep dive inside the young producer’s mind, showcasing the aspect of growth in humans similar to the blossoming of a flower. It also captivates the sense of calm and etherealism by infusing soulful guitars, warm piano sounds and crispy jazzhop drums with ambient synths, making the track a perfect pick for walks beside nature.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

Nature has always played a major role in my musical journey. “Anthesis” came to life when I came to a conclusion that I don’t enjoy making the same repetitive stuff. “Anthesis” was the result of me trying to infuse nature sounds and textures in a track and I’m somehow very satisfied with my take on it. I’m so happy and blessed that I can express myself through my music. This track starts a new chapter for my musical journey and I’m extremely happy to share this with everyone.

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?

The track was a rough idea kept in my vault for nearly 3 months and was not completed as it was not your generic “Label Friendly” sound so I definitely had to keep it down a bit. After getting rejected by most of the labels in the Lo-Fi Industry, The track was completed in a span of 4 months and was released Independently.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

No Lyrics

What brings next after this release?

This release means so much to me and my future style that I’m pursuing. I audience can expect very crispy and new sounds in the genre and further tracks by KASE.

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