Laparwah: A Melodic Journey from Solitude to Sound

Mumbai-based singer-producer duo Laparwah, consisting of brothers Amol Raizada and Suyyash, have carved a niche in the electronic pop scene with their innovative sound and heartfelt lyrics. Their latest track, “Sawaal,” delves into the theme of ‘Existential Crisis,’ offering a unique blend of introspection and upbeat rhythms that resonate deeply with listeners.

The inspiration for “Sawaal” stemmed from the tumultuous period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many, Amol and Suyyash faced inner conflicts and feelings of isolation. However, they also found moments of joy and creativity amidst the chaos. This juxtaposition of emotions is skillfully captured in “Sawaal,” which balances introspective themes with groovy beats, making it both relatable and uplifting.

“Our aim was to create a song that speaks to the universal experience of grappling with solitude and inner conflict, yet finding a way to keep moving forward,” they explain. The result is a track that not only showcases their distinctive sound but also offers solace and connection to those who listen.

The journey to this point has been anything but straightforward for Laparwah. Despite originating from non-musical backgrounds and holding engineering degrees, the brothers were determined to pursue their passion for music. Their musical journey officially began in 2020, but the onset of the pandemic forced them to reevaluate their plans. Instead of succumbing to the challenges, Amol and Suyyash used this time to further their education at prestigious institutions such as SEAMEDU and the True School of Music.

Emerging from this transformative period, Laparwah is now ready to share their evolved sound with the world. Their commitment to their craft and resilience in the face of adversity have only strengthened their resolve to create music that resonates on a deep level. “संगीत ही हमारी जिंदगी का सार है” (Music is the essence of our lives) is a sentiment that drives them to connect with audiences far and wide.

With “Sawaal” and a collection of new tracks on the horizon, Laparwah is set to make a significant impact in the music industry. Their journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the transformative potential of music. As they continue to explore new sounds and themes, Laparwah invites listeners to join them on their melodic journey of self-discovery and expression.

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