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Mayur Rao’s track “Tujh Sang O Yaara” is a feeling of grateful-ness you feel to the person for all the good memories shared together after breaking up from a long term relationship !

Tell us about your track

When you walk away from a relationship which has been a pretty long one and you don’t want to see that person anymore, You become bitter and do not care about that person. Though, If the relationship was beautiful for the time it lasted and it made you a better person everyday, you can not tell her this anymore because she is gone. Tujh Sang O Yaara is a hindi song of feeling thankful and grateful for the all the amazing memories shared and created together and for her being the reason that you are the person that you are today. Created this track with this emotion and with mix of guitars and synth based sounds and kept the production and composition as modern as it can be. It took me about 4-5 hours to properly sing this in the emotion that I wanted and I hope this song connects with you’ll too.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

Usually, when a break up happens in a relation and we try to make a song, we artists create the song in the emotion of pain or I’ll find someone better than you. But, if you loved someone truly and they brought something better in your life, you don’t remember this at all. All I wanted to make in this song is to say Thank You for everything good that you brought in my life for the time we were together. I have gratitude about it today and I’m a better person today because of you. Tujh Sang O Yaara is this emotion that I wanted to explore which is rarely done. This track is personal and the emotions are real and that’s all that can be added on this.

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

This song took me roughly about 20 days to Sing, Compose, Produce, Mix and Master. My buddy and my partner Anurag Dubey, aka, Mr. Bratbeat is responsible for the lovely lyrics on this and it took roughly around a few hours to understand the emotion and crack the lyrics for me.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

It’s an unexplored emotion of thanking the person who’s living her own life today but she has made you the sensible and better person that you are today. Whatever times we spent together were the best, whether it was laughing together or talking something sensible or helping you explore life better, etc. This feeling was established with the simplest of lyrics but with the emotions at the correct place. The best lyric I love in this song is ‘Jitne Thhe Beete Achche Bure Pal, Tujh Sang O Yaara Tha Sabse Pyaara’.

What brings next after this release?

I have a song named Hello which is going to be released on the youtube channel Aawara Films which is a comic song on Network not being available to talk on your mobile phones. The other song that I’m doing is called Tumse Dil Lagaayein which I want to keep it as a suspense for now. Both songs are written, composed and rap is done by my buddy Anurag Dubey aka Mr. Bratbeat who is extremely talented. I’ll be singing, composing and producing the songs and will be out in next month and a half hopefully. Also, I produce a lot of songs outside of this with Anurag and we are looking forward to share it with you’ll as it comes out.

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