Meet Saila: The Musical Maverick from Kalimpong

Step aside, music world—there’s a new artist in town, and he’s ready to rock your playlists! Meet Saila, the multi-genre maestro from Kalimpong, West Bengal, who’s about to drop his first single, “Otherside,” from his debut album ‘1247.’ If you’re into hip-hop with a twist of introspection and a dash of raw emotion, this one’s for you.

“Otherside” is a soul-baring anthem. Saila’s debut track is set to release on all streaming platforms along with a live music video on June 20th. This isn’t your average hip-hop tune—it’s a heartfelt exploration of mental health and personal struggle, wrapped in smooth rap and live instrumentals. The ‘1247 collective’ brings the track to life with Adarsh on guitars, Prajwal on bass, Sumiran on the pads, and Biswajeet on drums, not to mention the ethereal vocals of Jakin Tamang. Together, they create a symphony of emotions that promises to tug at your heartstrings.

“Otherside” delves into Saila’s battle with his mental health and the challenge of balancing creativity and personal relationships. It’s about finding peace on the “otherside” of these struggles. “Otherside is the voice of my voids,” Saila reveals. “It came to me when I was numb in my expressions and made me feel at ease with my existence.”

So, who is Saila? This talented artist isn’t just a rapper—he’s a musical chameleon who dabbles in hip-hop, rock, reggae, indie, funk, and R&B. Saila raps in both English and Nepali, making his music a unique blend that appeals to both regional and global audiences. With two EPs, 11 singles, and a bachelor’s degree in music and performance arts, Saila is no newcomer to the music scene.

Saila’s journey began in high school, and since then, he’s been on an unstoppable musical mission. He’s the lead vocalist of the Indian rock and roll band ‘Dixie Boyzz’ and a core member of the musical collective ‘Twelve47.’ His talent has even caught the eye of the Tito Music Awards, where he was among the top 16 nominees in 2024. And if you happened to catch Ambuja Cement’s 2023 Independence Day ad campaign, you’ve already heard his work!

Get Ready to Groove

With “Otherside,” Saila is set to make a powerful debut that will resonate with listeners around the globe. His honest lyrics, combined with his musical versatility, make him an artist to watch. So mark your calendars for June 20th, and get ready to experience the softer, introspective side of hip-hop through Saila’s eyes.

For more on Saila and to hear “Otherside,” check out his Spotify profile. Trust us—you don’t want to miss this!

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