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MISSHTY sparkles in her debut single “Everywhere”.

MISSHTY sounds like a girl character from a Disney’s sitcom. She’s pure, gentle, and a little “dream-girl” like character, charming enough to pull it all off. Her vocals have a childlike quality, with a sweet tone to it, accompanied by fanciful and quaint lyrics. 

MISSHTY has released her debut single “Everywhere” a song that’s very chic and modern. It has an upbeat to it, breathy soft textured vocals and reverb of dream pop. 

Interleaved with hyper pop synths and an arpeggiated synth kinda hook line, balanced with powerful bass and a sanguine-ly upbeat drums. She has worked on more sounds and melodies expanding her song into different dimensions. She sings over and over again about a girl conveying her feelings and thoughts. When asked about it, she says, “The lyrics are about a girl conveying her feelings towards a person who is far away from her, but has influenced her life in such a way , that her life is a living dream and she’s experiencing a whole another form of life which is filled with happiness”. 

She’s taken a flawless path in creating “Everywhere” while keeping in mind that it’s a her debut release. Her records upbeat atmosphere encourages one to go in a certain trance, feeling dreamy and happy together. And she’s got an helping hand in Royal Peroz Walter who has produced the song, setting it up perfectly for her MISSHTY is a wholesome young upcoming artist with an intention to make incredible meaningful music. “Everywhere” is an ode to soulmates who make your life better, who a find a way to make you feel good.

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