Moving from an amateur musician to an ever growing creative artist, Atteev’s second EP “Look How Far We’ve Come” is a sunlight that shines with pop magic & self-reflection.

Moving from an amateur musician to an ever growing creative artist, Atteev has come a long way. From sugary pop ballads to simple glistening songs Atteev synthesizes his musical influences into charming pop music. He’s entering a phase of finding himself cocooning out of his shell. Atteev has taken a refining approach with his latest music, reflecting on himself with a solid sight on creation. He displays his songwriting skills in his latest release.

“Look How Far We’ve Come” his second EP breezes with five songs, outfitted with his creative ideologies with catchy hooks built around his powerful vocals. “Meant To Be” is the best track, a sleek arrangement that features Shreya Bajpai. A song that has a satisfying charge that flows into the listener as you listen with synth oceans and upbeat drum machines completing the composition. On the title track “Look How Far We’ve Come” a downtempo track that has acoustic guitars, charming keys and Atteev’s glistening vocals he catches up with his feelings which show through his lyrics. “Getting Started” is a clean modern pop ballad with an electric guitar plucking, rich vocals & a hook like synth gliding the song smoothly accompanied by an upbeat drum design. His lyrics touch themes of self-reflection and self-worth. On the remaining two tracks “Come Home” & “On Our Own” you can see Atteev wrapping ear-clinging pop songs with powerful lyricism, syncopated drums. Synth lines that carve out hooks are the mainstay in his songs. 

Atteev is brilliant in creating songs with energy that have stomping beats and an elusive sense of identity. He builds on his emotions & experiences making everything count. While talking about the EP he says, “The title embodies my journey and celebrates how far I have come in just a few years. The EP explores themes of gratitude, reflection, growth, dedication, and passion, as I reflect on my journey gratitude to those who have supported me.” He’s even been bilingual with his lyrics that shows creativity.

He double jabs with his lyrics and music production making the EP even stronger & superior.

“Look How Far We’ve Come” is a sunlight in Atteev’s musical catalog, a wistful standout that pours in modern pop magic. Atteev blossoms in every aspect in this EP with songs that perfectly fit his thoughts and which his listeners can relate to. His stylish and tasteful pop music shines bright surpassing his previous releases.

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