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Peekay is an antidote for creating something new, a pop sunrise a fresh sound with her latest single “Squeaky Clean”.

Peekay is an antidote for creating something new. A pop sunrise, deliberately singing about things that she loves by completely drowning herself in it. Her muscular dance music is energetic. Energetic like a kid running with a chocolate in his hand, energetic like when you’re going out on a date you always wanted to go out on. Peekay’s latest single “Squeaky Clean” flourishes in every musical sense possible.

Peekay’s excellent arrangement shines bright in “Squeaky Clean”, presenting moments of genius, creativity & dapper. It’s a pleasant listen to your ears, gratifying with urbane groove offering of modern pop. With a synth opener and guitars the song dives into Peekay’s vocals behind a strong drum beat, with a groovy bass line that would surely get you up on your feet. Everything feels easy, sounds great, looks effortless. A swirl of disco pop with flickers of modern pop, as the guitars play their part accompanying the keys as Peekay says “Squeaky Clean, Squeaky Clean yeah…”

It his a song that sounds like she has a smirk on her face. 

Talking about the song Peekay says, “I reckon it’s never too late to wash off the muck of a past and live a new life – go back in- squeaky clean. Be it therapy to wade your way through trauma and arrive at acceptance or finding a new job or routine that will pull you out of a slump- have faith- you can always start with a clean slate.” She goes on to add, “It’s a reminder to all of you who are stepping into new phases of your life, feeling heavy and jaded- that once upon a time you were children and you were pure and your story was untouched”.

Peekay exits so that we could dance to. It’s more modern, more realistic and more relaxed yet glossy. Peekay is growing, she’s blossoming into an artist she always wanted to be. Nothing feels like a leftover, everything sounds fresh and beautiful. Each song about her shows how self aware she is and how she has matured into an artist over the years and “Squeaky Clean” being at the top of the list.

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