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PHAILNA KABHI-KABHI YEH RAAYTA ZAROORI HAI is a quirky song which will tickle your soul and make you feel better.

Tell us about your track

“Raayta” that funny – quirky and entertaining perspective – expressed musically! It is a song that talks about the most common yet important lessons of life. Not like a preacher, but like a funny teacher. One who makes a whole class laugh yet manages to deliver the deeper, sensitive meaning and message. There’s no person on Earth – Jiski Life mein Raayta nahin phaila hua hai. (Who’s life doesn’t turn upside down at times) But…. but that Raayta phailna is exactly the thing, which is zaroori.. (It is extremely crucial for life to turn upside down at times) Or there will be no fun…! The song doesn’t just talk about accepting one’s flaws and situations, odd twists and turns that life randomly throws, it encourages to embrace them. In fact to embrace them entirely!

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

Human life, its circles and Troubles and yet the will to carry on.

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?

I had the song in my mind since last three years. recorded it in aug 2021.. it took few hours to record…

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

The First three lines sums up the whole idea : “Khatta-meetha har sareekha zayka zaroori hai” Life is bitter-sweet at core, so taste it anyway. “Gham-khushi ka zindagi ka qaayda zaroori hai” Happiness and sorrow are indeed crucial in life _”Kyun humesha hi sab jama rahe, Kyun humesha hi sab saja rahe”_ Is it really needed for everything to be in order? Why should things be always perfect? “Phailna kabhi kabhi yeh Raayta zaroori hai” It’s not only okay for things to go out of control; it is exactly, what is needed!

What brings next after this release?

A song Called, Surajmukhi, which talks about the Self worth in a Partnership.. and expressses some politically incorrect emotions.

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