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Prateek Bhaduri expands his horizon with his latest single “Khone Laga” An electro pop track with a fusion of future bass and dubstep

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A fearless and bold artist Prateek Bhaduri is applying his considerable skills as a producer, singer and songwriter in an uncharted territory. The singer has previously released music which encompassed a variety of genres and now he’s extending his musical palette with his new single “Khone Laga”.

“Khone Laga” is his latest release, an Electro Pop single that has an arrangement featuring future bass and dubstep with soulful vocals. With a punchy low end and crisp production, Prateek’s dub affects stretch components of rhythm sections panning across the sonic field. The song moves forward with a repetitive bass groove through the spaces interlocking with synth pads, keys and sharp drum blasts with vocal chops brightening the track like a streetlamp. A song with an uptempo feel to it, “Khone Laga” sparkles like a gem. Its atmosphere feels like a bright city at night. 

Prateek says, “While working on Khone Laga I wanted to make a hard hitting track that takes my listeners to a journey of highs and lows of a relationship and that’s where I felt the hard hitting drops and massive build ups made sense in the song.” He goes on to add, “ The lyrics of the song speaks volumes about how two ex lovers are unable to move from each other inspire of betrayal and animosity amongst them, it expresses the realisation and coming to terms of an agonising break up”

For all the brilliant playing and arrangements, the song surely does stand out for itself. It makes you forget all the work and gets you involved from within. Prateek’s work has long asserted his musical ability to create things out of nowhere and “Khone Laga” is such an example of his creative admiration, it sketches out his potential for future releases. He has 6 new songs across genres of electro pop, synth wave and rock lined up.

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