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Rudra’s song “Keh De” is the one indie EP you should not miss, It’s a journey into finding your truest self.

Tell us about your track

“Keh De” is my debut Ep released across all streaming platforms on 22nd July. The EP consists of 4 Songs and assures the listener to encounter different flavors of trending Indie and modern music Genres clubbed with a spectrum of a little bit of introspection into usual Hopeless Romanticism. Three of the songs in the EP are in “Hindi” whereas one of the songs included is in my Native Language “Bengali”. With the constant motive and dedication to making my art reach the masses. This Debut EP is just another attempt!

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

The EP is more of a little bit self introspection into usual Hopeless Romanticism

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

The best thing about the Ep is that it’s written over a period of Just 2 weeks

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

First: Ekhono Achi is a Bengali song, the title of which when translated means “I am still here”. The song is about how we gradually get used to the weight of our heart and shun away the stories of our yesteryears. The protagonist has suffered the loss of a beloved and gets reconnected with his forgotten past one night. He realizes that he had been counting days all this time and how the reality of his world is overpowered by the faint light of hope. Second: Main Kaun when translated means “Who am I?”, exactly the kind of question we think is reserved only for those on the quest for spirituality and truth and the kind of thoughts one should avoid to lead a normal life, which is pretty ironic considering our definition for “normal” and “spiritual”. The song is about the moment when we stumble upon this exuberant question and get overpowered by some momentary bliss and awareness. Third: Laapata Dil or “when heart wanders away” is the re-enactment of writer’s block. There are times when the writing pad is full of scribbling and the ideas in the mind are suffering from an existential crisis. There are many things a creatively inclined person never wishes and he/she will take anything in a deal but not the writer’s block. This song is a conversation between the person and his astray heart. The title track: “Keh De”.Have you thought about the number of times you walked past your present or future soul mate in this vast sea of people and buildings? Mathematically the odds of finding her/him is one to a million. Despite these odds, the pattern of time brings you both together and the magic of a perfect person, a perfect evening, and perfect everything unfold for the first time and you realize the only tragic thing happening right now is the fight between your voluntary brain and your heart. This song is crafted out of a similar situation when the protagonist is trying to keep up with the pace of his heart which is shouting out loud “Keh de” or “Speak it out” to him/her

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