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The Songsmith’s have checked into another class of music with their latest single “Citylights”.

The Songsmith’s have checked into another class of music. Aside from having influences in Funk, Blues, Jazz & Disco they are a band that can be difficult to be pinned down to a specific genre. They collaborate with different producers and musicians for creating art that they feel would connect with people across, sticking to a free-genre band. Pulling in strengths in the form of storytelling & musicality which is certainly one of a kind. 

“Citylights” is their latest release. A flashy and punchy new single. A song that’s like an emblem that amplifies their ideologies as artists. They glide in smooth with the efficiency of a well tuned bunch of guys who know what they are doing. The guitars come in clean and crunchy, the bass weighing in giving in the groove and the drums tight and precise. There’s a little experimentation around the writing talking about existence and the complex urban life that we all face these days. A very malleable composition that anyone could relate. Bringing in dimensions to their confessions and uncovering questions of existence. The vocals pour in a certain tone that sell originality and purpose. 

The group brings in a variety of sounds without messing up the consistency. They continue to grow as a band and as musicians. When asked about their song the band say, “The obligations of the not so privileged trying to fill the emptiness of the privileged, the simple joys of the gift of life, and the complex sadness of wanting more. The “Citylights” under the night-sky witness them all,” things as such inspire them. They go on to add, “This song is also a collection of many stories, many faces and many smiles.”.

Each beat and each line impacts and gives a sense of realism differently and effectively. A little more thought about the constant struggle of staying afloat. The Songsmiths are mature and unafraid of sailing across the ocean of thoughts and “Citylights” is just that. They have even released a much awaited music video for “Citylights” and now after this they are planning to release their next single “Something Beautiful” on the 25th of December, which could be another example of their hard work and musical ability.

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