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These Indie independent Artists/Bands from across India will melt your hearts.

1. When Chai Met Toast

An indie-folk band from Cochi have made quite a name for themselves. Exploring sounds, going beyond doubts, now find themselves at the forefront of the Indie scene in India. The band engages with the new found fame and keeps exploring new boundaries. When Chai Met Toast’s music is something anyone could indulge in and enjoy everything about it.
The band peeks through all the little things of day to day life that make you smile and build over that in the form of a song, manifesting success and love.
Their songs resonate with most of the ones who listen quickly becoming a ear worm.
Cuddling safely into their music one wouldn’t be disappointed.

2.  Parekh and Singh

A dream pop duo from the city of Kolkata.
Nischay Parekh and Jivraj Singh are the two who make up the group. With a very alternative/indie sound the band have forged a good amount of fan following over the years, with their music being dreamlike acoustic set in a cozy room, glimpsing the perfect soothing sound through a tiny key hole.
Their songs push you up higher into a feel-good zone, making way for a soft loving decorative music towards the end. One would say a very ambient loving songs.

3.  Anuv Jain

A singer songwriter and a composer who has slowly but eventually gathered a lot of fans over the years. Having made a professional debut with the single Baarishein in 2016 which has since amassed over 30 million views on YouTube. Anuv Jain has become a mainstay in the Indie scene in India.
His music is joyous, soft and with serene melodies. The acoustic guitar and his vocals circling around each other dazzling throughly the songs. His music is one you would want to listen when you’re by yourself thinking about your other half.

4.  Ananya Sharma.

The Mumbai based singer, recently released her new single “Who I Love” which featured Sanjay Divecha. It’s a song that’s melodically woven with guitars and soft, sweet vocals. She attempts a sharper, glossy approach with her latest release.
She’s still learning the tricks to get up there in the Indie scene but with the music that’s she’s put out, one would know it wouldn’t take her long to be heard by everyone. She’s been releasing new music from quite a while now her songs fill in acoustic pop veil over, gleaming as a beacon for upcoming artists.

5.  Over The Edge.

An Alt-rock band from Bangaluru, Over The Edge have music which is pulse extending as the songs open up and build on. Just recently formed the band has been releasing music frequently, with their latest release this year being an EP, “If I Stay, Would You Run Away?”.
Their music is more energetic, modern power ballads.
The groups has a lot to offer as they experiment with different sounds and give the listeners a variety of different music to chose from.

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