This Hip-Hop artist is on his approach to making it massive.

With the rise in popularity of independent Hip-Hop artists in India, upcoming artists do look up to them but not everyone has the guts to give it all in to pursue their dreams. This 23-year-old artist, Nimesh Krishnan goes by the artist name ‘Nk’nan’ comes from a diverse background, born in Kerala and brought up in Kolkata started writing at the age of 13 and released his first song ‘Gucci Gang Freestyle Version’ on Youtube in 2019.

He is out with his latest single ‘Riski’n It All’ which was released on the 23rd of April where he talks about how not doing his best restricted his career growth. A fun story about the song is that it was written while the artist was on his way to Bangalore on a plane. He wrote this song when he finally took the leap and got out of his comfort zone in his life. He says ‘’I knew I had to take that risk to get closer to what I want and it mainly focuses on the point that I’m finally on my way to the top and make a mark and whosoever comes in my way, it’s just another hurdle for me.’’

Interesting fact as the artist mentioned that the recording was completed in just a day as he adds – ‘’when I’m on the mic, I’m a different person.’’ He recorded the track in his friend’s bedroom studio which is his go-to place for recording all of his songs. With the release of his second single one can clearly notice the increase in the quality of his music. ‘Riski’n It All’ Comes as an announcement to everyone that he’s going to give his best and nothing will stop him. The song has an intense pad element with some hard-hitting baseline which will definitely make the listener’s head move with the beat. His music does have some acquired taste from artists like Brodha V and Kendrick Lamar but with his own unique and interesting blends.


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Questionnaire – 

Define your story in one line

  –  Those who know me, don’t know me.

Favorite instrument

  – Drums

5 things you can’t live without

 – I can’t live without writing, making music, hearing music, and my tea and coffee.

What is your morning routine?

 – I wake up and spend some time planning my day and spend little time on social media while I have my tea.

When do you start your day and music?

 – I write and make music according to my mood, it can be night, noon or morning. I just need the right inspiration irrespective of the time of day.

Favorite food – I like anything which tastes good for me. It’s weird that I don’t have a certain favorite food

Favorite color

  – Black and Blue

Whom would you like to collaborate with someone Indian or foreign

– An Indian I’d like to Collab with would be Brodha V and an international dream Collab would be with Joyner Lucas, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole

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