Top 10 Indie songs that deserve to be added in your playlists 

10 – Jeena Chahun – Shuvansh Jindal &Saalim-Suhail

This song has a lot of unexpected sound elements that go well with the EDM drop. It has indie-feel vocals along with creative use of the vocoder in between. You’ll find some Indian Instruments as well. A good experimental song by them.

9 – Dil Ne-KASYAP

This will be a good song to play at work. (I mean who doesn’t like to jam their stress away by listening to a groovy song). It has simple guitars and nice groovy drums that will surely cheer up your mood.

8 – Lage Nahi Man – Vismay Patel 

A good and sweet song that has a simple composition will surely give you a dreamy feel. This slow and soft-paced song is one heartwarming song.

7- Dariya-Ramil Ganjoo

He is an independent artist based in Mumbai. This is a very intense song having beautiful harmonies going well with the main vocals. It has nicely recorded guitars and the pianos add a good feel to the song.

6 – Easier to Be Alone Karan Kanchan & Rahul Rajkhowa

This is a heartbreaking song that has a good bass guitar hitting along with acoustic drums. The song doesn’t have a lot of elements but the overall composition is done beautifully that feels good to the ears.

5 – Moonbrain – Shikhar 

This song has a western pop influence. You will surely like this if you were into 2005-2010 international pop-rock songs. It portrays a sad feeling and Sikhar sings it beautifully.

4 – Dream – Akhil Sahni

This is a slow ballad song. The pianos are played softly and the velocity increases gradually. I can totally imagine listening to this while it rains outside.

3 – Adhoore – Anchit Magee

This is a beautiful ukulele song especially because of Anchit’s soft vocals. All the instruments are arranged well and that has given this song a unique identity.

2 – Pink Blue – Tsyumoki & Barg

This can be a good ‘’Try not to vibe’’ challenge song. (I’ll definitely lose). The electric guitars add a good groove to the song and the harmony fits perfectly overall. 

1 – Bura Na Mano Yaara – Nikita Gandhi

It’s an EDM song with electric pianos and wobbly pads. This song has a good rhythm and Nikita’s voice sounds melodious and has a beautiful arp playing over it, keeping the vibe constant throughout. 

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