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Top Trending Indie Male Artists of 2022

As days pass, the indie scene in India keeps rising up and up. The burgeoning of streaming platforms has given a push into the rapid rise of indie artists in the country. Couple that with polished, skilful visuals, the artists are improving their chances of getting a global recognition. The greatest example being, Prateek Kuhad. So today let’s walk through a few more of those artists. Here we put a spotlight on 7 Indie Male artist, which surely should be given a listen.

1.  Vernon Noronha.

The Mumbai based singer – songwriter, who’s been around for quiet a while has surely put down some good quality music out there. With his guitar plucking, glossed by his calming voice, which have the ability to match the sounds of the early 2000s, Vernon surely knows his music. If you’re stuck in a loop of memories simply play one of his songs, you’ll feel like you’re flying. He has music which is simple but remarkably good.

Start With : Come Back Jack.

2.  Dhruv Visvanath.

Dhruv Visvanath is a Delhi based musician. A musician who carefully blends his guitars, melodies and the beats to create something that’s groovy and meaningful. His songs have those
feel – good emotions although there’s a hint of sadness hidden but overall he has an upbeat sound. If your a Ed Sheeran fan, you should look out for Dhruv.

Start with : Wild.

3.  Raghav Meattle.

Hailing from Mumbai, Raghav Meattle is a singer – songwriter, who’s music engulfs you on a whole. More driven by his lyrics, gorgeous, often guitar centric music drifts you into a dimension of dreams. He uses his voice very subtly leaving spaces for you to drown in the emotions. His music is combined with a lot of folk – indie sounds like acoustic guitars, keys, drum machines. On a whole you would have a cozy time listening to his music.

Start with : City Life.

4.  Atul Gupta.

A music producer, composer and singer from Nagpur you’ve got them all in Atul Gupta. Topsy-turvy melodies, guitars, synths which give you the dream pop vibes, which ensnarl into your head. Emotionally low-key songs that help you drift through your emotional rollercoaster. Atul has them all, his songs sits above the bubble of music arrangements, often warming your hearts.

Start With : Aahatein.

5.  Piyush Bhisekar.

Piyush Bhisekar is a Pune based singer songwriter, who’s been long admired by the audience with his soft acoustic guitars, Indian percussive elements and enchanting lyrics. Piyush has very poetic feel to his songs that have an emotional yearning, which can satisfy any listener. His music is beautiful, soulful, fluttering with melodies.

Start with : Tu Hai Wajah

6.  Tejas.

A pop-rock artist from Mumbai, that fills his catalogue of songs with different genres. Beautifully treated guitars, comforting vocals, alluring pianos are mostly the bed over which his songs lay. A near – perfect blend of all different sounds, building up melodies. Tejas has silently become a really good indie artist.

Start with : Down and Out.

7.  Adarsh Rao.

Bengaluru based indie pop artist Adarsh Rao is a singer – songwriter and music producer. His records are bigger, brighter and interesting. Adarsh embraces his Indian roots as well as pairing them with the modern music style, a combination that for some reason never seems to fail. One could say he has a very experimental heart, which gives him an edge over the others. His music is timeless stuff.

Start with : Yeh Raat.

Now after we’ve given you a look into some of these Indie artist you could now go ahead and find out some more for yourselves and enjoy these talented musicians. It’s time we give recognition to the new music in the country.

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