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Top trending women Indie artists from India

As we move ahead in time, it’s female Indie artists who are taking over the indie scene with a flurry of good musicians and fierce attitude. Gone are the days when you would find only boys with guitars, ripped jeans, and jackets who would front the Indie scene. The music sector is surfing towards gender equality with each passing day. The female artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Here are 8 female musicians who you should look out for.

1.  Utsavi Jha

Let’s start the list with this pure soul and an unreal singer, Utsavi Jha. Her songs are mostly lyrically driven, and meaningful, something like reading a book with music playing in the background. Utsavi’s voice is pure like a raindrop that pours out from her mouth, so precise and beautiful. Her songs are the definition of simplicity. She can deliver both, a quiet rain song or an intense soft rock song.

Start with: Saanjh

2.  Kashmira.

Kashmira’s voice is something that’s liberating and electrifying at the same time. She uses rock as her medium to express her emotions of self-realization which in a way pursuit of happiness. She also owns a good stage presence and has quite good guitar skills. She never fails to give a mesmerizing performance to the crowd. We can safely say rock is in good hands for the future generation of female artists to look up to.

Start with: Canvas.

3.  Tanmaya Bhatnagar.

A self-taught singer-songwriter, Tanmaya Bhatnagar has a voice that could tell stories. She has her own very way of creating magic, with her voice. Her songs are insanely communicative and groovy. She treats her songs like her emotions, a good way to express yourself, right? Her songs are always a safe getaway from modern-day chores.

Start with : Kya Tum Naraaz Ho?

4.  Pratika Gopinath.

Pratika established herself as a singer with “Easy Wanderlings”, an indie band from Pune. She has a voice sent from heaven, precise and soulful. She can deliver a performance filled with euphoria and excitement. She has even worked with artists from the U. S. which again diversifies her caliber as an artist. Recently she’s been working on her solo projects.

Start with: Enemy.

5.  Krameri.

Krameri, sobriquet for Damini Chauhan has her own version of “authenticity” with the way she sings and with her own style. Her voice captures the emotions of the audience, with disconcerting ease. It’s not hard to believe she’s gained quite a few followings recently with her music. One thing for sure along with her voice is the artistic innovations in her songs.

Start With: Dead Roses

6.  Maalvika Manoj.

Maalvika Manoj who you might also know as “Mali” is pure innovative talent. Her songs are a blend of pop subgenres, very soothing to your ears. Most of her songs are inspired by melancholy. Her songwriting skills can be so simple and pure that they can be hard to put into words. So far she has realistically impacted the female music scene in India, for the better.

Start with: Play.

7.  Saachi.

With her unique and powerful voice, Saachi Sen can quite easily grab you by her voice. You can feel her emotions and artistry run through the music and the songs she writes down. She’s very good at what she does, her songs can help you calm yourself down. There’s absolutely no doubt about the potential in her music. Definitely, an indie artist to follow.

Start with: Yahaan – Here.

8.  Nidhi Rawat

With her debut track “Kabhi Kabhi” Nidhi has outshined Indie music and made an impact using her unique style and voice. Her tracks have various styles of sound and she brings something new every time. No doubt she has a great future ahead and will continue to deliver amazing tracks

Start WIth: Kabhi Kabhi

So these are the few female artists that you could look forward to. There are off-course a lot more female indie artists out there than the ones listed here, but we’ve given you a great start, with these 8 Female Artists. Now get going on!

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