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Understanding Pop culture

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A good rhythm, a catchy melody and something that repeats itself as a chorus which makes it easier to remember and sing along are probably how you would define a pop song/genre.

Pop music is one place where there’s a certain kind of friction between the artistic creation and the consumers who listen to it.
In a way, Pop music is shaping and defining the modern culture in music and even fashion to a certain extent.
Pop music is evolved over the years, it’s a genre that’s catchy, repetitious, and even youth-oriented.
Pop music is about celebrating a lifestyle and it’s fun to listen to.

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Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Pexels.com

More or less pop music or you could say “mainstream” music is always a way where you can make sense of the modern world and even the social behavior.
If you name any TikTok trends, fashion, or culture there are a lot of things that revolve around pop music, and pop songs, you could say pop music is an influential genre.
Pop music is more like the music chosen by the majority of the people that makes it Popular and hence the term “Pop”

The more you listen to pop music the more it makes it easier for us to adapt to the trends that are going on around the world.
So you could say in a way Pop music is the music of the people.

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