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‘Where Every Sound Has Its Own Story’ Experience the magic of 12 Musical spells that took 5 years in the making.

Tell us about your track

The Wand is a magical music album with 12 musical spells and a title track. All the soundtracks in this album are a vast expression of ethnic and western music combined as one.  This beautiful album is all about the spiritual reality that one meets with, where every song in the album describes the vast reality of the spiritual world that many are aware of it, like SHAMBHALA, which has a story of a higher dimensional reality still existing in spiritual planes expressing as ” From the Nature Emerges A Musical Poetry, For The Nature By the Nature”.  Where the soundtrack LEMURIA is expressing as ” The missing piece of the creation story, where beings from distant stars, incarnated from different worlds, to seed the planet, with the knowledge of Magic.  STARSEED is one of the soundtrack expressing as “To be in the world. but not of it, many loved mysteries so much that they became one”, and all the rest of the sounds in the album are as magical as its sounds are expressing themselves as a spiral journey of oneself from the ordinary world to the supernatural world, which is also described as “The Hero’s Journey” in mythology, expressed in the soundtrack name “A Hero Comes Home” . 

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

The Wand is one of the most beautiful works of art inspired by the nature. It’s been said, ” The Beautiful Magic Of Nature Is Available Only To Those Who Believe In It”. It all started in 2017 when a small branch of a tree fell on my head with a feather attached to it. As I believe in universal synchronicity and I also work with the magic of nature through sounds and frequencies, I went on looking for the meaning behind it as I found that it’s in real is called “Spirit Wand” or “The Talking Stick” used by shamans in ancient times. So I went for re-designing my own wands because change is the only constant, I edited a few versions of my own wands because with change comes evolution, and with evolution comes great responsibility, which resulted in the birthing of this wondrous album to share with the entire world, which has a very deep storyline to it, which says ” After Silence That Which Comes Nearest To Express The Inexpressible “. 

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?

The Wand almost took 5 years of hard work on 13 soundtracks. It’s not that the sounds that I composed took that long, it is about me coming to a greater understanding of my own sounds that I was creating, slowly working and building up the storyline behind every sound, and also experiencing it along the way, was one of the most beautiful experience. I am still learning about my own sounds that I compose, where every sound becomes a reality and start manifesting itself into existence, Yes it’s that magical. It is a long journey of experience with this album, where one of the soundtracks in the album is called “NEW EARTH” which says ” A prophecy fulfilled to change the unchanged, to create a world, where magic is real.” and another soundtrack called “THE SHIFT” is expressing as ” When many predicted it was the end, it happened to be the beginning of a new era, where many reals aligned to become one.”The Wand is one adventurous album where every sound has its own story. 

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

All the soundtracks that I composed for this album are mostly semi-instrumental with ancient chants and hmms, vocals are very ethnic and light which is adding a very uplifting and happy vibe to the entire album, Soundtracks are mostly melodic, dancy and have a very festival vibe to them. Sounds are very hypnotic and very transcendental. One of the soundtracks is called “OPHIUCHUS” with a storyline ” Looking at the stars everyone experiences something different, and he saw his own image, the hidden sign in the heavens”. This soundtrack has the most hypnotic vibe to it and the vocals used are described as the “Light Language” in the spiritual community. I also have one video made on “Light Language” (available on Youtube) with Venessa Lamorte” who recently did her thesis on this new form of language. In addition I also have one soundtrack in this album name “THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT” which is expressing as ” The Man is musical being, by the music he sustains and by the music he evolves in a sacred harmony”. 

What brings next after this release?

My recent soundtrack  “DONT STOP” is already streaming on all music platforms released with La Chapelle Records via LMG Distribution, along with “THE WAND MUSIC ALBUM “. “DON’T STOP” is a festival sound, house music, which inspires one to keep making moves. towards one’s goals and dreams, with passion and courage, to dream big, and to never stop believing in oneself, where every small step counts. There is an old story about a tortoise and a rabbit, where the tortoise stays steady on his track and eventually wins the race. One should not stop but keep working for success in life and eventually, it will be achieved.  With a small twist to add I am also working on another soundtrack  ” ANCIENT FUTURE”.  As life is not linear and it’s a beautiful spiral of evolution, as its mentioned in Hindu Mythology, after 4 ages,  comes again the golden age or also called “Satya yug”, an age of truth, knowledge and wisdom. In the present, we working for the future, and in the past, we worked for the present because the future is now.  My sound compositions are mostly interlinked and interconnected with each other, that is why the color golden for “The Wand”.

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