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Why are some musical genre popular than other?

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Music is a universal language, it’s an omnipresent activity found in every known human culture that goes back centuries.
Music is everywhere, our backgrounds are filled with music. May it be, airports, malls, train stations, etc, there’s music everywhere. But for some reason, we tend to find certain music genres more appealing than others. So is this true, that certain genres of music are better than others?


Well honestly, they’re not. Music is very subjective since it’s an art. Certain genres aren’t better than the others because each one of us has different tastes. You could ask 100 different people what their favorite music genre is and you might get 100 different answers. Music genres are a matter of individual opinions. We cannot claim a certain genre to be the best over the others. For ages it’s been said that Rock n Roll is one genre that stands out, that’s partially right but eventually, rock n roll in some ways gave birth to a lot of different music genres. So we could say that all genres are related in one way or another.

You could always delve into more genres that base themselves on musical understanding and musical structure.
So you could say, there will be some that are drawn to the social aspect of the genre like blues and reggae because of the history.

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Some might like music that’s reinvented, Metal is such an example, which in itself has a lot of its subgenres. One could say Metal is filled with a lot of rages but if you listen to it carefully it’s something that’s energetic in a controlled way. You would surprisingly find “Metalheads” have an incredible knowledge about their genres, which is such a good thing.

Then there’s “rock” which is full of energy, a “rule-breaking” form of a genre. It’s something a bit of a rebellion, which drowns itself in the ideas of freedom and revolution, it tries to teach the ideas of change. It’s no surprise that the younger generations are drawn toward rock.

Then we have pop, funk, and disco which are basically fun-oriented genres. Surprisingly musically complex at times, sometimes very simple. These are the genres that push escapism as its primary focus. They are normally “catchy” and radio-friendly genres. Sometimes even with a great meaning.

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Music is ever-evolving, there are new music/genres spawning out daily. No genre is specific, it isn’t a race between the different genres out there, not a competition either. We humans would always think that the genre we listen to is the best. So if we even think to differentiate between these genres and despise others for having different tastes we aren’t getting the point, music is something that’s meant to be enjoyed. Cheers!

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