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Zachary’s hit on a beautiful mode of expression with his latest track Cloud9, that features Shreya Battacharya and Bernard Dafney.

In an endless wave of ever growing artists Zachary Ray remains a beacon of light shining out bright. Zachary Ray developed a passion for music and singing at a young age growing up in his dad’s church which then led him to study vocal performance and music business at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. There’s a point where typical music stops being typical-where the artist, rather than make you imagine things, pulls you into their world. That’s the feeling you get when you listen to Zachary’s latest single “Cloud9”.

“Cloud9” is his latest single, it starts with a simply yet hooky bass line with a keys and guitars playing behind. That’s when Zachary comes in with his vocals. The single draws mostly from a palette of pianos, guitars and majestic vocals. The track even features Shreya Battacharya and Bernard Dafney. It’s produced by Brandon Bee & Nelda studios.You can picture a dark room with the spotlight on these artists performing the song. You picture the hands on the piano, and these two singing the song with the band playing in the back, if not in real then in imagination, or a dream.

When asked about the song Zachary says, “Cloud9 speaks about this exact feeling of not feeling enough, living through the hardest of days but being able to hold onto joy through these days and not just survive but thrive with the help of family and friends. One of my favorite lines in the songs “So I’ll hold up my head 

No matter where I have been 

So hold onto joy 

It’s the best medicine”.

Given Zachary’s versatility as an artist, he certainly pulls a rabbit out of his magic hat every time he makes music. Always relying on his core ideas and beliefs. Splashes of piano, sparkly guitars and his powerful vocals some of which sound like different versions of each other. He’s hit on a beautiful mode of expression with his latest track “Cloud9”.

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