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FIndie is currently on it’s way to release India’s Independent Music Streaming Community Application.

What We Do

Findie provides exposure and opportunities to new Indie artists, helping them to advance their careers and connect with new fans.

Introducing Indie Streaming & Community Application

This innovative app represents a significant step forward in Findie’s mission to promote and support talented artists from diverse backgrounds.

Artist Discovery

Findie is a company that uses technology to discover and promote talented artists from diverse backgrounds. They use data analysis and machine learning to identify emerging artists and help them advance their careers.

Publishing Artist Features

Findie features diverse and talented artists, helping to promote their careers and provide exposure through their online platform and social media channels.

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FIdiscover is an initiative that aims to promote musicians, singers, and songwriters by helping them promote their music online, publish their work, and reach new audiences. Here are some of the key points about the FIdiscover initiative:

  • Promotion of independent artists
  • Audience reach
  • Publishing support
  • Community building

“Supporting indie artists is not just a choice, it’s a movement towards authenticity, creativity, and diversity in the music industry. By championing indie artists, we’re paving the way for a future where unique and boundary-pushing sounds are celebrated and cherished.”