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Indie Hot Chart

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Mukaddar - Jhalli
237 Votes
Kyun - Vyom Singh Rajput
162 Votes
Nikhil Swaroop - Khilte Rang
107 Votes
Meba Ofilia - Do You Care
91 Votes
Hazir Main Rahun - Pratyush Dhiman
31 Votes
Feeling Good - Anushka J ft. Vinay Kaushal
27 Votes
Naalayak/Sahil Samuel - Tabeer ‘Sexy Bhai Ji‘
3 Votes
PASBAAN - Tanzeel Khan ft. HashimNawaz
3 Votes
Side By Side - Aditya Rikhari
2 Votes
KAVYA - Little Lie feat. Pranay Parti
1 Vote