19-Year-Old Releases Underground Music Independently

I started ‘Firaaq’ in 2022 as my new underground-techno music project taking influence from Indian classical and native ethnic elements. Making music since the 9th standard, I made my way through making mistakes to learning how to fix them from youtube and Reddit! 

The transformation from hanging a guitar around my shoulder to turning knobs on the DJ console has been an amazing journey surrounded by friends & family supporting me all through it! My first Dance Music concert in 2016 opened doors for me into this new world of Music which I got hooked on until recently when I discovered the underground/ techno scene around me in India. 

After releasing my debut EP on the Italian label – Meliodika Records and opening for artists such as – Loco & Jam, Goom Gum, and Space Motion, I thought it was time to release music independently and take control into my own hands which also allows me to work on experimental release strategies and marketing plans to nurture a small niche-targeted community of listeners and grow step by step as a musician and an artist. 

My latest single Aayati comes out on the 24th of June across global music streaming platforms! The first one of my independent release catalog and the first step toward building a community of ragers and ravers!


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