A gateway to jazz with modern acoustic arrangements and brassy choir sections, Nirant Chilimbi’s “Kaise Bataoon” is smooth and alluring.

A gateway to jazz with modern acoustic arrangements and brassy choir sections, Nirant Chilimbi opens up a creative space that transcends his love language with a particular jazz touch. Nirant’s music is an emotional imprint and collages of feelings all put under the same roof.

His music throws a stylish definition of confidence & attitude, repurposing it as a vehicle for his ideas to glide through smoothly. “Kaise Bataoon” a groundbreaking latest release has modern jazz written over it, sprinkled with modern rock ensembles. A project that has a compilation of genres plucking the best parts from each. Starting the song with a catchy guitar hook, a round & groovy bass that’s hugging tight a bossa nova like drum beat interleaved with piano sections makes Nirant’s voice a source of emotions that lights up the song. The entire arrangement has fleeting moments that resemble Nirant’s emotional realms.

Nirant has had a helping hand from Somesh Saha, who produced the track. Saha has worked along with some well known artists such as Arijit Singh, where he’s produced the track “Maan Le” and was also the music director for the Netflix series

“Masaba Masaba”. You could say Nirant’s got a push from behind by one of the best in the scene. 

While talking about the song Nirant said, “Kaise Bataoon is driven by Jazz influenced bass and drum sensibilities that ride on the poppy guitar riff giving the song a unique sound and feel”. He adds, “I drew inspiration from the feeling of missing someone while alone in a new city through lyrics meant to be confessional in nature”. Together Nirant & Somesh have acted with a pure intent to give birth to something that’s aesthetically jazzy.

“Kaise Bataoon” is a striking reminder that with hard work and dedication one could carve out amazing music. The duo integrate their creative ideas and experiences that makes the song appealingly vibrant. This is how you foster experimentation that blossoms into a beautiful flower. “Kaise Bataoon” is an absolutely smooth, forward-thinking & brilliantly orchestrated record.

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