A good way to start your year with loads of music and fun, India Music Fest can be a good starting point.

After a couple of years being under the restrictions and uncertainty about the pandemic the music festivals around the globe had blown up a considerable amount in 2022 from sundowners to Bacardi NH7 Weekender and now with the start of 2023 we could expect something even organised, superior, finer and a step ahead from the last year.

These music festivals are excellent places to start if you would like exploring and experiencing your favourite indie artists perform live. Along with your favourite artists performing we have new artists take stage and showcasing their talents, some who are locals and some that have travelled from every corners of the country. Such music festivals are important and cardinal in shaping the young artists that have just begun to get some experience and exposure in the real world and to gain a few fans. 

India Music Fest 2023 is one such music festival that would be happening in Nagpur on the 14th and 15th of January, 2023, good way to start your year with a music festival, right? Carefully timed and scheduled i.e at the start of the year where you can enjoy good music and meet artists who really deserve a pat on their backs. 

Other than enjoying the whole festival the artists will also get a chance to meet and hangout with like minded musicians from the city as well as the artists who are going to be performing and taking workshops

IMF is going to be a one of its kind interactive music festival happening in central India for the first time. We want to promote independent and contemporary musicians in our city and together explore the possibilities that we can unlock through music! You can attend workshops ranging from songwriting, live looping to music production, and also listen to artists talk about Hindustani classical, Sufi Music, Instrument making and more.

Get to know their journey from inception to today and what they became, for you to know them closely and understand their secrets of success!

Moreover, there are scholarships for musicians who want to make a career in music and can’t afford to buy the tickets of the fest, they can apply for the same and they will be able to attend for free.

The ‘India Music Fest’ (IMF) will be held on the 14th and 15th of January 2023. at Makersadda, Alagangle community art centre which is situated on a beautiful hill of Hajaripahad, behind Sandipani school and beside St. John Paul II church, Nagpur.

Our Artist line-up includes Vasuda Sharma, Avanti Patel, Karthik sekaran, Kavish Seth, Garav chati and Samruddha RK.

Riddhi Vikamshi, a 17 year old girl who herself is a musician is the brainchild behind such a creative gathering. She’s been organising a community music session called “Baithak”, where musicians from different backgrounds come together to make new and original music. She says, “We as baithak want to create a community space, where artists from our city could connect and collaborate with each other.”

Baithak is a space where musicians meet, jam, and create music. Be it an Indian classical baithak or a rock jam session, We have a lot of fun together! Whether you are a professional or an amateur musician who would like to share your music and collaborate with like-minded artists.

With all this said let’s be assured that it’s going to be loud, big, high-octane creative mess.

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