A long drive to remember; check out Nishant Mittal’s Haseen Zindagi

This is the first release of 2023 by the Delhi based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter

After indie hits in Rock ballads like Accha Hua, Khwaahish, Sahi & Jaza, Nishant Mittal has pulled out the perfect long drive song in his latest single ‘Haseen Zindagi’. As a totally independent musician with over 1.4 Lakh streams on Spotify alone, Nishant looks to be breaking out with Haseen Zindagi. “Of course, I want to reach everyone’s hearts (and cars) this time” says Nishant.

Haseen Zindagi – produced by Abhishek Pawar – has a story full of visual imagery. “I met a Japanese girl one night at the Airport Metro. It was her last night in the country, and we decided to drive it away. It was definitive serendipity. A beautiful story which needed to be immortalized” chuckles Nishant. “This is why the song is basically a narration. Of the story, of the feeling, of the longing, of the love”. Interestingly, Nishant played all the instruments on the song, as always.

Here’s the story, as written by Nishant in an Instagram post:

It was 11:45 PM. I had almost missed my last train home. As I took a seat and gasped for breath while opening my book, I saw a Japanese girl running towards my coach. I thought she’ll miss it.

But she didn’t. She got in, and the doors closed. Bam! Well, that was close.

The train was mostly empty, and we somehow started to talk. Like a true nerd, I began sharing some obscure facts I had read about Japan.

“Wow! You know so much Japan”, she exclaimed. Her English was broken, but she tried expressing herself the best she could (which wasn’t always enough, by the way). “How did you manage in India all this while?”, I asked. “Bodeee language,” she said, moving her hands for extra clarity.

One thing led to another and I asked her if she’d like to deboard at Dwarka Sec 21 Metro Station. That was my stop, of course. I told her that we could drive around the city the whole night, and then I’d drop her at the airport in the morning (her flight was at 7 AM). We could see the best Delhi has to offer. It could be beautiful.

She got really surprised, but then thought about it a lot and said:

“Are you safe man?”

“Six months no crime”, I replied.

We laughed and left for what proved to be one of the most beautiful nights ever. It was all straight out of a breathtaking movie that’s still waiting to get made somewhere. Perhaps I’ll write it? Maybe someday. But as a musician, I’ve already written a song about it and it’s called #HaseenZindagi. It’s now out on my website.

Thank you for reading the story. Check out Haseen Zindagi. Hope you love it a lot. Cheers! 🙂

P.S. Once again, @abhi_shek_pawar and I pushed our limits to make something beyond incredible. Words cannot describe what we went through for this one. Cheers, Abhishek bhai. Hope the world sees something in it. 🙂

Apart from being a musician, Nishant is also a serial entrepreneur having founded multiple multi-crore companies. Asked what’s it’s like being an entrepreneur and musician at the same time, “Both the journeys are very similar in terms of what they take and offer. Beauty is that one helps the other in ways you can’t imagine. It’s quite magical”.         

‘Haseen Zindagi’ will be out on March 6th. Stream it here

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