A promising singer-songwriter Shatak aka STK stumbles upon his lates pop ballad “Karo Baatein”.

A promising singer-songwriter Shatak aka STK stumbles upon his melodies as he moves on with his life. The experiences that he goes through helps him write songs and create music. His music is a snapshot of how it feels experiencing things and growing up, especially when not a lot can agree on certain things. Grappling with break ups and navigating to find through love with a certain ethos. These are the reasons that got STK to write “Karo Baatein”

“Karo Baatein” is the latest single released by STK. A guitar driven wonderland that evokes a buoyant pop side framed together. A single that’s generous with modern arrangements. An extravagant scenic drive into STK’s emotions and feelings can be felt as you go listening to the song. Insistent keys buried underneath the acoustic guitar, a hooky arpeggiated synth notes. The song is defined by small elements that remind STK of his partner. He has a charm to his music as he takes lead with his glossy vocals. A sense of yearning and wanting can be felt through his lyricism. The arrangements are simple and minimalist, his voice cool and assured with a certain authority.

While talking about the song STK said, “Relationships become really complicated sometimes, and we feel terrible after a bad one. Getting into a bad experience does not mean everyone is the same. This song is from the perspective of a person who just wants the other person to speak it out. Talk about everything that may be good, bad or even worse. Don’t you think it’s the core of a good relationship? ‘KARO BAATEIN’ “, he invokes the artist within him as he pours his emotions through the song. He adds, “The track is a motivation for both , the sufferer and the person who wants the sufferer to open their eyes wide and have a good look at the beautiful world. And for this, all they gotta do is just express.. Toh bas, ‘KARO BAATEIN’ “.

“Karo Baatein” is a song that drifts into the mind space of STK, it’s his emotional safe space. The song is calm and upbeat both at the same time. It has all the emotions that STK has absorbed through one of his relationships. He’s used all of that in his writing, made it useful, flattering his experiences making it work perfectly. With his simplicity & fondness for an enigmatic wordplay STK oozes with guitar centric singalong soft pop ballad.

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