Aakaar unloads his views & ideologies in his latest single “Lafz” with a blend of street smart & theater.

Having a baritone, ruthless authoritative voice aakaar has hard-earned his followers and listeners with his rap skills and creative ideas. He possesses candy-painted writing skills that shine through his songs. Tapping into his inner playwright he brings out the artist within himself that documents his ongoing ups & downs about his musical journey. You can taste his desperation to reach a higher level through his music. 

“Lafz” is his latest single, where he pens his heartfelt emotions about his state of mind as an artist. The song captures the best of aakaar as a rapper. His granular detail to work evokes his need for adjusting everything  to exactly where & how it should be. The song stands as a compelling exercise in the cinematic imagination of aakaar as he tries to deal with his creative ideas. The song starts with a synth that plays a hook-like chord progression layering it with a dark & uptempo beat. The music is completed with aakaar’s street rapping style over it with percussive flows filling in the empty gaps in between. Tightly coiled arrangements and vocal layers sugarcoat his ideas. The song is poignant & convincingly creative.

While talking about the song aakaar says, “The inspiration came on a very slow day when I was trying to write a verse for a different track and I just couldn’t get myself to do so. Then as I sat there contemplating I just started writing what I was actually going through and that how the first line of the song came about, “Inta kyu hai mushkil, Yeh lafz na nikal rahe” Then there was no looking back”. He his has an obsession of writing good lyrics that mean something to him which certainly shows through his work. He adds, “Lafz is a song that provokes thought and gives the listener something to think about”. This single is written by aakaar and produced by Bignexx92.

“Lafz” unloads aakaar’s emotions straight into the song. He reflects on his basic instincts as a rapper adding ferocity & intensity. His songs are emotionally driven to something meaningful while he’s having fun creating. He serves up his views and ideologies through his music. aakaar makes his music feel sincere and true.

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